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Study Of A New Socialist Rural Construction In Henan Province

Posted on:2011-03-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Henan is located in the hinterland of the motherland, experience with the Central Plains, Central Plains of another name. Here has a long history and splendid culture of the Chinese nation, the birthplace of Chinese civilization, the most important. Own Song has been because of the war, coupled with frequent natural disasters, this has been a long time is the ancient Chinese political, economic and cultural center of the Central Plains gradually turned into a poor and backward place. Prior to the reform and opening up has been the economic depression, the people's livelihood and more difficult the situation has not been very good, fundamental change, "Henan" also became the word poverty, backwardness, ignorance of the pronouns. After reform and opening, the Central Plains and children suffering from difficult Jin Yi, the guidance of the Party's correct line, but also, and like the entire nation, brought out an unprecedented vigor, launched a change the world, the great practice of recycling the Central Plains brilliant. In the "Rise of Central China" was established as the National Development Strategy, the Henan quickly launched the "Central China" strategy of this development, on this program, the overall situation and coordinating all parties, cohesion of the people, the development of plans.In the implementation of the "Central China" development strategy, the Henan People's clear understanding that the development must be based on Henan practical, looking for advantage, checking the gap, seeing less, must not repeat the "leftist" mistakes, floating wind blowing, engaging in aggressive and harming the people, thereby adversely affecting the development opportunity.In the preparation of "Central China" strategy development process, the community almost have no objection to that, as the first major agricultural province of Henan's development must be based on the "three rural" issue to resolve, resolving "three rural" contradiction should is the "rise of Central China" strategy in the important task of the implementation process, while building a new socialist countryside is to resolve the "three rural" total contradiction handle, actively promoting the building of new socialist countryside is to promote the "rise of Central China."Construction of new socialist countryside is indeed a large and complex systems engineering, he not only covers the development of agriculture and farmers income in this economic problem, but including the construction of rural political, social and cultural development, among others. As the working relationship, the author of the new socialist countryside in recent years, many aspects of working practices to varying degrees of exploration and thinking, this article discussed in the context of the problem is that these seven years, the accumulation of continuous practice and thinking.The construction of socialist new rural systems engineering, bear the brunt of economic problems, not solve economic problems, to talk about social issues, political issues, cultural issues, and so on. The walk agricultural modernization is the development of rural economy, the only way to improve the income of peasants. Household contract responsibility system in China as the main features of the basic system of agricultural management, in the socialist market economy, the large background, its drawback is that low level of organization of farmers, one of the agricultural operation is difficult to resist the risk of a modern market economy. Without changing the basic operating system for Chinese,Agriculture under the framework of the development of rural economic cooperative organizations is an excellent choice. Through the cultivation of rural economic cooperative organizations, farmers will be able to effectively organize themselves through economic ties, which is China's new agricultural cooperatives. It is different from the fifties, in the planned economy driven by administrative means, stormy agricultural co-operative movement. However, it is fully equipped with the common prosperity of the socialist features of agricultural modernization in China's socialist economy, new forms of cooperation.New land transfer is the development of China's agricultural economy emergence of a new phenomenon, but also not to change the existing system of agricultural management, based on intensive management of agriculture, and regulations and effective exploration. Land transfer documents in the party was to be sure, but it is still lack of specific operational level, legal support. We are all over the land transfer Henan carried out extensive investigations, results and problems have been basically clear, some of the recommendations put forward in order to help interested parties to further study.Encouraging migrant workers return home business, is a major new strategy for rural development, is also an important way to develop the rural economy. From rural to urban migrant workers, is advanced on behalf of Chinese farmers, on the one hand, during the China's advance about industrialization and urbanization, they made a great contribution, while the industrial civilization, the baptism of modern urban civilization, the open a vision to enhance its own, a new way of thinking, studying skills, and many people have a venture capital accumulation. They return a very high success rate of business, often driven by a model and is building a new socialist rural areas.Henan is China's first major agricultural province, is also an important grain production base in China to study the problem in rural areas of Henan, is inseparable from the question of food. But in the current low grain more effective, how to protect national food security, while improving the income of grain farmers, is to build a new socialist countryside in Henan facing major problems. We believe that the food problem is the most important issue of agriculture in Henan, China, China's grain production as the core area must contribute to food security in China, no doubt about it. However, the national policy level, but also examine how to increase the enthusiasm of grain farmers, grain farmers to ensure the steady improvement of income, the problem is a typical Henan.In Henan, the process of building a new socialist countryside, we have to noticed a problem, that is the main building of new countryside construction of Absence --- who is going to issue a new socialist countryside. We found that as industrialization, urbanization, rapid advancement of the rural population to cities and towns gathered momentum irreversible. Received higher education of rural children, most will choose to urban employment and the life; rural labor force in the young adults would choose to work in cities, quite a lot of life in the city to protect the workers who choose to live in a city long-term stay in rural areas, mostly women, the elderly and children; In recent years, his family moved into the city life of farmers also on the rise. The main building of new socialist countryside is facing loss, and this is my great concern in recent years.Henan population, plains, hills, mountains have a variety of geographical distribution of resources, resources and environment by historical factors and the impact of regional economic and social development between different localities choose the path of economic development are not the same, a new socialist countryside construction of diverse forms, we have conducted extensive research, summarized Reorganizing the building of several models, although have not find out the regularity of Appendix I to this article,in order to guide the same type areas of building new socialist countryside reference value.
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