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Study On The Issue And Solutions Of Rural Old Age Security

Posted on:2018-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y D WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542971185Subject:Public administration
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In recent years,with the rapid growth of China’s population aging,a large number of elderly people are putting intense pressure on the government work,especially in rural areas,the degree of aging is even greater.Meanwhile,our country is in the period of social transition,the regional development is uneven,the gap between the rich and the poor gets widened,and the problems and contradictions of rural pension have become increasingly prominent.It must hinder the development of social economy and the construction of a harmonious society if the above situation could not been solved properly.Therefore,we should not only correctly face the problem of providing for the aged,but also concentrate our efforts on finding countermeasures,so that more elderly people can enjoy their old age.Based on the theory of intergenerational exchange,family life cycle theory,demand theory,social security theory and efficiency theory of government functions,the basic situation of S Town,the current situation and characteristics of population aging,the way and the policy of endowment were investigated and studied to understand the current background,as well as the current situation of rural pension in S town,through questionnaire survey and on-the-spot visit.By the data summary and data collation,it was found that there were some problems existing in rural endowment of S town,such as the lack of basic living security,pinch of spiritual life,low pension service and lack of endowment insurance.The main reasons for these problems were the weakening of the family pension function,the lack of entertainment conditions,the inadequate supply of pension funds and the imperfect of the management mechanism.Finally,according the analysis of the causes of the problem and the actual situation in S Town,the following six measures were taken out in the paper to solve the existing problems of rural endowment in S town.It was to strengthen the basic status of family pension,strengthen the supporting role of home care,improve the service ability of institutions,improve the old-age insurance guarantee,promote the development of the pension service market,and improve the system and regulations to ensure the implementation.All of these can effectively improve the status quo of rural endowment in S Town.
Keywords/Search Tags:aging population, rural pension, problems, solutions
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