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Study On The System Obstacle Of Postgraduate Education In Local Universities

Posted on:2011-10-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The postgraduate education in China has developed by leaps and bounds since the end of last century. The quantity of local universities which include the education of postgraduate, the academic degree of postgraduate and postgraduate students has increased rapidly. Quite a number of problems, however, exist everywhere, especially in the aspect of enrollment and employment beside the superficial numbers. These issues may involve the structure, effect and quality of the postgraduate education, which relate to the inner development. If these problems are not solved seriously, the postgraduate education of local universities, which is of large quantity, scale and close related to regional economic and cultural development, will face a huge challenge that may threat the existence and development of the postgraduate education. It is necessary to know the problems of local postgraduate education and find the causes for the development of postgraduate education in China. In the research of higher education, there are numbers of monographs and essays on the local postgraduate education, most of them discuss the superficial layers or are macro analysis rather than the factors of system that causes the problems. Nevertheless, the system should be the central variate of the research of higher education, the system may even be the development itself, particularly at the crucial moment of development.The essence of this research is "system", which adopts the American economist North's definition, i.e. The system is a social game rule that is man-made design, for shaping people's interaction constraints, including the formal rules, informal restrict and institutional enforcement mechanisms. The system of the postgraduate education in this study refers to the administrative system, formal rules, informal restrict and institutional enforcement mechanisms.According to the above issues, involved the subject of the postgraduate education in China and the core of system, the study will give an analysis of the reasons that cause the homoplasy of the development of the postgraduate education in China, based on the systemism theory. With the accordance of the history, the development and the present situation of the postgraduate education, the study investigates the diversity of the postgraduate education through the analysis of the scene in investigation, interview and questionnaire. The actual problems are presented. Then the reasons are analyzed with the text method. Moreover, three universities are chosen as the case study. At last the suggestion is put forward to advance the system of the development of the postgraduate education in local univwersities.This study puts forward a view:most number of local universities were established from 1995 to 2000 when the reformation of managerial system of higher education fully took place, while the establishment of postgraduate education system in China was set up before 1997. Aiming at universities affiliated to the ministry and cultivating scientific research personnel, the model of this system is elitist education and unified management, which conflicts with the diversity of expectation in local postgraduate education.This research insists that the diversity is the rational expectation for the local postgraduate education. The government expects that the local postgraduate education to play the main role in regional distribution, as well as to be the main body of the subject structure, applied and popular postgraduate education. This study views that local universities are of special cultural value, political value and economic value, which is the combination of common value of the postgraduate education and the need of local culture, economy and politics.The expectation, however, is not helpful for the development of local universities. This study views that the central government lacks compulsory means and allots educational resource, which contributes to the homoplasy. In order to win rare educational resource the local universities have to catch the universities affiliated to the ministry, the homoplasy occurs naturally.The subjective reasons exist, besides, there are also objective reason, i.e. system. In fact, the system leads to the homoplasy. A description of the system of academic and postgraduate education is given. The system factors are:the so-called "Third Rank" academic degree and the postgraduate education administrative system; the unified management of science-oriented academic degree; the postgraduate education system of elitist education; the mechanism of unified management and elitist education.The system is the basic reason. The rooted reason behind the system can be discussed with the systemism theory. This study indicates:the traditional civilization possesses a view of unity; the dependence on unified management and elitist education system is strong and solid; the pressure of the cost of the system hampers the development.A description is given to the factors of system, the rooted reasons are analyzed. Based on this, this study puts forwards some suggestion. The system should be reformed by the central government, provincial government, and the universities themselves. The central government should reform the nature of the national academic degree, professional academic degree; it should extend the construction of discipline; stratify the postgraduate education system; it should establish the system of classification. The provincial government should make an overall arrangement. The universities should present marked features to the system. Only if the system is reformed and reconstructed, can the system be set up for the development of diversity of local postgraduate education, can the postgraduate education be improved. Therefore, the elites and intelligence are ready for the innovative construction of nation and development of the regional economy.
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