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Study On Education Quality Improvement Strategyfor Full-time Postgraduate Studentsin Local Universities

Posted on:2020-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q M LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330599453883Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Quality is the lifeline of graduate education and improving quality is the eternal pursuit of graduate education.As the highest level of education in China,the quality of postgraduate education will directly affect the sustainable development of China's scientific research and innovation ability.Standing at the new historical starting point,we need to seriously summarize the valuable experience of the development of graduate education,re-recognize the status and role of graduate education,and think deeply about how to promote the high-quality development of graduate education.The course of the development of graduate education in China is very difficult,especially after the country restored the graduate enrollment system in 1978,the graduate education in China really began to get on the right track.After only a few decades of development,the scale of higher education in China has been rapidly popularized from elite education and gradually moved to the stage of universal education,realizing the leap-forward development of higher education.However,in the process of rapid development,a series of quality problems of graduate education caused by the quantitative changes brought by the expansion of postgraduate enrollment have begun to receive extensive attention from domestic stakeholders.As the cornerstone of the whole postgraduate education,the quality of postgraduate education is irreplaceable and should play a key role in connecting the past and the future,even relating to the overall trend of higher education development.Therefore,it is particularly important to improve the quality of postgraduate education and deal with the problems between the quality and management of postgraduate education.This study,from the perspective of management,analyzes and studies the current situation of full-time master's education in local colleges and universities,including various problems in the training process,and analyzes relevant problems and proposes relevant countermeasures to solve the quality of master's education in local colleges and universities.This paper is divided into six parts.The first part mainly introduces the research background and literature review at home and abroad,and sorts out the research ideas,methods and significance.The second part explains and defines the relevant theoretical basis and concepts.The third part is the arrangement of the current situation of full-time postgraduate education and the analysis of the objective reasonsat the macro level.The fourth part indicates the problems and challenges that the full-time postgraduates in local universities should face to improve the quality of education.The fifth part from the government and society,local colleges and universities themselves and the graduate level three angles to discuss how local colleges and universities should solve the problems in the process of master training and improve the quality of full-time master's education countermeasures and Suggestions to be able to help local colleges and universities.The sixth part is the deficiency and prospect of this paper in the research process,hoping to be further improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local Universities, Higher education, Quality of education, Full-time postgraduate, The quality of ascension
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