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Research Into "Regression To Life" Curriculum Of Preschool Education

Posted on:2003-11-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360065457013Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Education is in nature a kind of selection and pursuit of value, a life activity of man. Kant once pointed out "only through education can man become civilized." Curriculum is a carrier by which purposes and values of education are realized. Preschool educational curriculum, as the core of preschool education, shoulders the burden of realizing the value of preschool education. "Regression to life" curriculum of preschool education (PERLC for short later) takes the challenges to preschool education in knowledge-economy era as its origin, the cognitive theory of Marxism , psychology(cognitive development theory, humanistic theory, constructivism learning theory) ,. sociology(functional - structuralism, conflict theory, interpretative sociology theory) Npedagogy(subjective instruction, life-long learning theory)etc. as its theoretical basis, "regression to life" as the starting point to present the views on the value of preschool educational curriculum. By setting the research of PERLC in a dynamic , multi-polar background for exploration, which embodies the principle of appliance of theory to practice, this dissertation explores preschool education issues such as the goals , contents and organization implementation and evaluation of PERLC, then presents the view-constructing PERLC on the basis of life.This dissertation is divided into five chapters.Chapter One is the historical perspective of PERLC, first introducing its origin and development in the West, secondly analyzing its exploration in China, then advancing, based on the previous two steps, the problems in and the tendency of the development of PERLC both home and abroad, and finally declaring that "regression to life" is sure to be the inevitable choice for the development of preschool educational curriculum in the 21st century in China.Chapter Two presents fundamental ideas of PERLC. In this chapter, an analysis of the nature and characteristics of PERLC is firstly made, pointing out that PERLC is always related to the practical life of preschool children; it should try to seek the integrity of life world and theworld of science , the integrity of individual and social values , the unity of appreciation of nature and truth-seeking; life% balance of all-round development sustainable development generativeness and exploration are the main characteristics of PERLC. Then, the theoretical basis for PERLC is analyzed philosophically , psychologically, sociologically and educationally, and the necessity of treasuring the unique value of preschool childhood and such fundamental ideas as the integrity of scientific and life world- social and individual value, etc. are emphasized.Chapter Three deals with the goals of PERLC. This chapter firstly analyses the sources of goals of PERLC from the aspects of preschool children, society and knowledge. Then it proposes such basic requirements for determining the goals of PERLC as suitable development, hierarchy, basis and integrity, resilience and adaptability. Based on these proposed requirements, goal system of PERLC is constructed.Chapter Four discusses the selection and organization of contents for PERLC. Taking the development of preschool children as the main thread, this chapter constructs the content system of PERLC from the fields of health % language- society- science and arts, etc. Then it advances such requirements for the organization of PERLC as solidity and sequence , life and game- integrity and activation randomicity and adaptability, etc.Chapter Five centers on the issues of implementation and evaluation of PERLC including the analysis of factors influencing the implementation of PERLC, the proposal of approaches for the implementation of PERLC and the discussion on the issues of PERLC's evaluation criteria- evaluation methods and contents for evaluation.
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