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Research On Sustainable Development Of Competitive Track And Field In China

Posted on:2002-04-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360092460164Subject:Physical Education and Training
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It is an important historic period of revolution and opening in china from 1979 to this day. Competitive sports have going ahead by leaps and bounds in china during this period, otherwise is competitive field & track because of it's no synchronous development and go-down trend.Sustainable development is a common target all of the nations are seeking for now. Every field including sport is undergoing a great revolution from theory to practice during the tremendous transition are taken place in the development mode of human society. As a basis item, competitive field and track's development in china should be sustainable in line with stratagem of sustainable development in whole global. Varied different characteristics of competitive field and track development in china and in the world were analyzed by looking up literature and materials, by investigation, data statistical, comparison, logic analysis. The objective law governing the development of competitive field and track in china was brought to I ight; the actual strength of competitive field and track in china was evaluated objectively; the position of strength in the compet i t i ve field and track was a I i gned accurate Iy among the who Ie worId; varied different factors influencing health and stabi I ize and sustainable development of competitive field and track in china were analyzed from theory and history; the trend in competitive field and track in the near future was forecasted; principle and countermeasure about sustainable development of competitive field and track in china in the new period were analyzed.Conelusion: (1) The concept of sustainable development is advanced, which was formedinternetionally on basis of human's deve I opment in 90s. Sustainable developmentof field and track in china is necessary.(2) The whole level of Chinese competitive field and track had been developed and improved and then dropped in past twenty years.(3) Nearly all events of man's and female's field and track in china had been developed continuously and at high speed in 80s, but not stably in 90s. Besides female's running event, other mostly have trended to be oscillating and descending.(4) Viewed from sexual ity, the rate of development in female's track and field event was quicker than in man's and this situation will be go on for about twenty years; the coefficient of rate in development of man's running event was least, and obviously lagged behind other man's and female's event; the coefficient of rate in development of female's throwing event was highest.(5) Chinese whole strength of competitive field and track was in lead in Asia, although there was distance in level of field and track between our country and power nations in the world; Chinese position of strength in competitive field and track was resigned to being medium and backward. At the same time, it was explained that there are much of potence and condition of sustainable development for Chinese field and track.(6) There was a considerable discrepancy of performance between nation event and Olympic event and international event, which was also a persistent ai Iment caused by conflict between "national strategy" and "Olympic strategy" about field and track in china, it have forestalled greatly sustainable development of Chinese field and track.(7) The premature tra ining and short t ime of tak i ng part in compet it ion foresta I I the sustainable development of field and track in china; the slowgoing in the sustainable development of Chinese competitive field and track was due to deficiency of reserve athletic talent; field and track market was developed too late and system of contest stagnated comparatively and sustainable development in china was lack of effective motivation(8)DecentraI ization and centralism in training system are not suitable for Chinese national conditions and are unfavorable for improving more performance of Chinese competitive field and track.(9) Paying more attention to science and technology is a key to assure health and stable and sus...
Keywords/Search Tags:sustainable development, competitive field and track, evolution of competitive track and field achievement, trend of development, forecast
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