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The Influence Of Chinese Traditional Exercise On Some Physiological Indexes Of Senile Women

Posted on:2005-08-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360125967181Subject:Human Movement Science
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It was demonstrated through practice that Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong exercise were of benefit to human health, but their physiological mechanism of them still should be further investigated in order to let people of other countries understand more about them and get advantages from them. In this paper, we investigated the physiological mechanism of Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong through focusing on the heart function and combining with other physiological indexes.In this paper, the subjects were ninety-five senile women. The heart rates are recorded while doing one set of 24-simplified Taijiquan exercise or Shuxinpingxuegong exercise and doing the step test. Also, the function capacity value, the body composition, the blood lipid as well as the oxidative stress are tested. The following result were concludedThe intensity of Daoyinyangshenggong exercise was of the moderate intensity and was suitable to senile women. The intensity of 24-simplified Taijiquan exercise was located the upper limit of moderate intensity. Senile women should pay attention to control the intensity while doing 24-simplified Taijiquan exercise. Synthetically analyzing the characteristics of 24-simplified Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong, both of them were secure and effective exercise for senile women.The F.C. value of control group was the lowest. Both the F.C. value of the Taijiquan group and the mixed exercise group were higher than the control group, and there was a statistical difference ( p(0.05, p(0.001). Those shows that the chronic Taijiquan exercise and mixed exercise could resist the F.C. value decline caused by aging, and chronic Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong as well as mixed exercise could promote the human function capacity. Meanwhile, the step test showed that all of them could improve cardiovascular function, raise cardio muscle work efficiency, and cause a cardiovascular function economization.Chronic Taijiquan exercise and mixed exercise could a little bit raise skeletal muscle mass, decrease the body fat percent of senile women. There was a small effect of Daoyinyangshenggong exercise on senile women body composition.All of Taijiquan, Daoyinyangshenggong, and mixed exercise could raise the blood osteocalcin, but there was no statistical significance.Chronic Taijiquan, Daoyinyangshenggong and mixed exercise could cause a better blood lipid metabolism. Those exercise could raise the blood HDL-C level, which was good for preventing senile people from artherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. That was one possible physiological mechanism of Chinese traditional exercise effects. There was a positive effect in Daoyinyangshenggong and mixed exercise to raise the anti-oxidation enzyme activity, but both exercise have not the effect of prevent body from being over oxidation damage. We firstly systematically investigated the influence of Taijiquan, Daoyinyangshenggong , and mixed exercise on the physiological function of senile women. We proved that the Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong exercise could raise the function capacity value of senile women and record the heart rates of one set of Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong as well as step test at first time. Through our study, we supposed that one of the physiological mechanism of Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong exercise effect was that Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong could raise the function capacity, cardio muscle work efficiency and cause a cardiovascular function economization through their suitable exercise intensity and distinct movement characteristics. The effect of Daijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong exercise on the senile women lipid metabolism, oxidation stress, and body composition still be further studied.Through our study, we considered that both Taijiquan and Daoyinyangshenggong were suitable and secure exercise items for senile women, and there were their own characteristics compared with the mixed exercise. We suggested that to gain better exercise results, it was necessary for senile women to do some other kinds of exe...
Keywords/Search Tags:Taijiquan, Daoyinyangshenggong, exercise, heart rate, Function capacity, Blood lipid metabolism, Oxidation stress, Osteocalcin
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