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Social Network And Getting A Job

Posted on:2006-11-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Comparing with 80 years of 20 century, a very important, and vital social change had been occurred in China during 90 years. Chinese society and economy transition had entered into a new stage.In the case of China economy system being changed from planed economy to market system, millions of employees are laid off from thousands of State-owned Enterprises. More than 50% of the employees are women. Their lives and living style had been changed since that time. Most of them had been struggling for living. How can they find a new job again, and what kind of job they can do? That was not only the hot topics then and there, but also hot topics now and here.Those issues are discussed in this dissertation under the theory of Social Network, and in the view of female labor market. Specifically, Female laid- off employees tries to find their new job or start their own business mainly by the way of personal Social Network; on the other hand, those female employees often are excluded from Current labor market. Therefore Female laid-off employees also has to overcome the obstacle among them by the way of Network.This dissertation includes 9 chapters:Chapter 1: introduction. This chapter discusses the background and value of the research on the Job-Finding process of female laid-off employees.Chapter 2: related reference. In this chapter, some general theories and investigation on Job-Finding are discussed here. Especially the current research on laid -off female employees.Chapter 3: research methods and frame design. Hypothesis, frame, concepts, data investigation and typical case study are discussed in the chapter.Chapter 4: related theories. The current researches on Western and...
Keywords/Search Tags:society transition, Social Network, laid-off female employee, getting a new job.
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