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The Breaststroke Technique And Its Effects On Resistance And Propulsion In Swimming

Posted on:2006-11-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H H YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360185963194Subject:Human Movement Science
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1 PurposeIn athletic sports, there are many gold medals in swimming competition, so, it is a key game for which the world contend for competitiveness. Concerning swimming technique, numerous coaches, swimmers and R&D personnel have been making their greatest efforts to explore and establish methods and technique to reduce resistance, increase propulsion and enhance availability of dynamic and physical abilities.This research intends to analyze and study breaststroke technique by research methods of combination of kinematics and kinetics using towing force-measurements devices and underwater camera shot equipment with the reference of generally measuring methods and apparatus and equipment usually used for kinematical and dynamics research of swimming and so on, in order to break through traditional model of thinking of single research methods. The purpose of this research is to approach combined application of kinematic and kinetic test methods in swimming as well as reveal technical and mechanical characteristics of breaststroke, analyze effects of breaststroke on propulsion and resistance and diagnose technical actions of breaststroke by focusing on test analysis of water power in combination with technical actions of breaststroke, in order to get reasonable acknowledgement and do the reference for technical optimization with intention to reducing resistance and increasing propulsion.2 Methods and Subjects2.1 Consultation and Survey MethodBy means of consulting from experts and making surveys of achieves, to understand and master technical structure and parameters of breaststroke and provide assistances and guides in implementation of experimental tests.2.2 Experimental Tests MethodKinematic tests through 2D and 3D underwater video analysis .To make integration testing of kinematics and kinetics through towing force measurements plus synchronous 2D, 3D underwater video record.Four swimmers are subjects to be tested, at average age of 20.00±2.45, average height 1.86±0.07 m, and average weight 82.88±10.82 kg. Their athletic classes concern to world master level or master level.2.3 Mathematical Statistics Method...
Keywords/Search Tags:breaststroke, biomechanical analysis of sports technique, hydrodynamic force, active drag, propulsive force
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