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The Biomechanical Study On The Speed Of Different Center Of Gravity Of The Bursting Fist

Posted on:2019-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545461905Subject:Ethnic Traditional Sports
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As one of the four major Chinese martial arts,Xingyiquan is flexible,rigorous and simple in action.It pays attention to internal and external,body and action.The characteristic is the art of attack and defense is strong.Bursting fist is one of the five elements fist.It is characterized by direct access and rapid force.Santi posture is the symbolic action of the Xingyiquan,and it's the start of all movements.In this paper,the main purpose of studying the relationship between the position of the center of gravity and the speed of bursting fist during the standing of the amateur mass was studied.By studying the relationship between the speed of the Santi posture and the bursting fist.For Xingyiquan practitioners with a certain reference value of the theoretical basis.In the process of research,this article chooses the collapse boxing which can best reflect the rapid force of Xingyiquan,and uses Motion and three-dimensional test table to synchronously measure the Santi posture with different center of gravity from two aspects of kinematics and dynamics ready to bursting fist force speed.The main forms of avalanches in the test include the bursting fist with folding stance,the bursting fist with twist step and the bursting fist with smooth step.The center of gravity is based on training experience,divided into the former,middle and rear three positions.The experimental results show that:(1)The position of the center of gravity of the bursting fist with twist step has a correlation with the punching speed,p = 0.000 <0.05,with significant difference;(2)The interaction between the type and the position of the center of gravity has statistical significance,which is related to the speed of the punching,that is,the speed of the bursting fist is related to the position of the center of gravity.Through the correlation analysis,we can draw the following conclusions:(1)According to the experiment,the three positions of center of gravity before,middle and back of the Santi posture are measured by the relevant data calculation.In fact,the corresponding horizontal positions of the center of gravity relative to the right foot are respectively 50%,40% and 30% %,And all the center of gravity data are less than 60%.This shows that the traditional Santi posture of Xingquan practitioners before,middle and back the three center of gravity position,in essence,is often said in the martial arts "five five","four six" and "three seven" three steps.The center of gravity is too biased to the forefoot,that is,when it exceeds 60%,it will affect the speed of bursting fist.(2)Through the analysis of relevant data,we can see that with the right foot as the center,the center of gravity is in the middle of the "four or six" step,the speed of bursting fist is the fastest,and the difference of punching speed in the other two centers of gravity is not b ig.(3)no matter what kind of center of gravity position,the bursting fist with twist step rate is much larger than the other two forms of bursting fist with folding stance,and the bursting fist with smooth step force of the smallest force.In the meantime,during the force exertion,the rotation of the torso is positively correlated with the speed of the punches.Therefore,it is considered that the magnitude of the body twist affects the speed of the punches at the onset of the collapse.(4)There is loss of speed in the process of transmission,the speed of transmission from the ankle to the knee is declining,and the torsion of the body is measured,the speed of the elbow and wrist is gradually increased.So that the waist twist in hair force played a huge role in the process,improve the punching speed.This is in line with the usual strength mentioned in martial arts and the importance of lumbar movement.
Keywords/Search Tags:body center of gravity, the force of bursting fist, the speed of force, biomechanical analysis of sports
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