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A Study On Poverty-stricken Urban Chinese Women And Countermeasures

Posted on:2007-07-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360212958591Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The poverty problem in China is characterized by feminization, and the trend is getting more and more serious. The underestimation of the phenomena will lead to serious economic and social problems. Therefore, the study of the problem is of important significance to formulating policies for providing assistance to poverty-stricken urban women, and it is favorable to solve some economic and social problems and keep social stability.From the angle of gender, the study is begun with an investigation of poor urban families living on minimum government subsidy in Nanjing. The analysis of the poor families from the angles of poverty in knowledge, income, expenditure, property, health, and social capital demonstrates that gender difference exists in poverty distribution of poor urban families, and generally, the female feel poverty more deeply than the male.Then, a quantitative analysis and quality study is carried out to reveal the sources of women's poverty, which include inequitable gender system, neglect of the gender difference in public policies, gender imbalance in domestic property distribution, and the shortage of women's social and right capitals.Next, a managerial policy to safeguard those poverty-stricken urban women is suggested: the construction of a social security net for them. A formal social security system consists of four aspects, namely, gender equality in laws, gender-equality-based managerial policies, enhancement of governmental administration and management of community relief. Informal social supports such as community relief management, Non-Government Organizations and family management contribute to the formation of the social security net for poverty-stricken urban women.Finally, some managerial policies are put forward to safeguard poverty-stricken women living in Chinese cities. Enhancement of female value can lead to better organizational achievement. However, many of contemporary China's economic and social managerial policies are unaware of gender differences. Therefore, efforts should be taken to eliminate gender-blind policies concerning employment management and social welfare, establish gender-sensitive managerial policies and family management policies beneficial for women's development, perfect public baby-care and service facilities and other relative managerial policies.
Keywords/Search Tags:poverty-stricken urban women, gender, managerial policy, social security network
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