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On The Issue Of Urban Poverty In Contemporary China

Posted on:2002-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is in the period of transforming from planned economy to market-oriented economy. The urban poverty is a completely new social problem in the society. From the perspective of sociology, the article, Firstly, gives a clear explanation of the meaning of urban poverty, and gives a detailed introduction of the measuring standards of urban poverty; Secondly, the article discusses the distributing conditions of Chinese urban poverty; Thirdly, focusing on the living condition and mental condition, the article analyses the urban poor's life; Fourthly, the article thoroughly analyses the reasons of Chinese urban poverty. At the last, the author gives some solutions and countermeasures. The author thinks that the reasons of Chinese urban poverty lie in the following three aspects: 1. From the historical point of view, there are the following two aspects need to be improved: a. the excessive pressure of population; b. the low level of productivity. 2.From the social and economic point of view, there are three important reasons: a. the long-lasting loss incurred in the state enterprises; b. the reform of social security system is relatively slow; c. the traditional employing system obstructs the urban poor from shaking off poverty. 3.From the personal and family point of view, two aspects need to be improved: a. the family population structure; b. the cultural level of family members. The author gives the following solutions and countermeasures: first, to promote the employment in the process of development; second, to alleviate the urban poverty through institutional innovation; third, to alleviate the urban poverty through exploiting human resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:transitional period, urban poverty, the causes of poverty, social security, countermeasures
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