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The Enlightenment Of Amartya Sen 's Poverty Thought On China' S Urban Poverty Relief

Posted on:2015-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330431997619Subject:Social security
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Since the1990s, with the rapid transformation of the rapid development of market economy and society, the state-owned enterprises in the industrial structure adjustment and restructuring. With the occurrence of these events, our city there is a new group, a laid-off workers as the main urban poor groups, this group has become an important factor for economic development and social stability. Therefore, we should take what kind of measures and systems, the urban poor groups to get a better life, and be able to feel the warmth of social security is an urgent need to resolve social problems. Aiming at this problem, focusing on the urban poor groups’ clothing, food, shelter,"the actual needs, and to explore ways to protect existing deficiencies and be the perfect place to welfare ideology·Amartya Sen’s theory basis, has proposed some hypothetical than theoretical perspectives and practical implementation. Amartya Sen is a narrow view that traditional economics theory, this theory does not look at economic development from the perspective of development. Built on this concept of development of the social security system should be more concerned about the overall health of the real freedom and human development, which is to promote a friendly development model, emphasizing the development of ethical concern, and social security should be regarded as a public action, the ability to obtain the feasibility as the basis of social security.Current source of income of urban poor groups are mainly guaranteeing payment system. Guaranteeing the drawbacks of this system is that it is based on income of the poor as a benchmark, but did not involve deeper problems in poor body. Amartya Sen believes that low income is a phenomenon only occurs in the body of the poor, but rather that we need to focus on is the poor lack of ability. Root causes of poverty in low-income groups is not the lack of wealth, but rather the uneven distribution of the missing capabilities, and deprived of power.Therefore, the study of urban poverty is not limited to income, pay more attention to study their impact on their quality of life, education, health, employment and other aspects of protection of the rights available capacity. Look at poor urban housing security, which inevitably can not afford this expensive prices, and low-cost housing policy adopted by our country but there is a problem of the traditional narrow concept of development, the protection is only seen as a means to alleviate social contradictions through simple remedies to protect the poor survival. In specific embodiments are also constantly exposed its inherent ethical flaw: based on the " logic of survival" single object security standards that protect the quality of life of the great neglected; affordable housing for labeling effect would seriously aggravate the poor "vulnerable sense."Papers ponder deeply the practical problems of existing urban poor protection, noting that the existing community through in-depth analysis Security system with imperfections and inadequacies policies to welfare perspective Amartya Sen the theoretical basis for full consideration of China’s national conditions, to explore more reasonable and perfect urban poor safeguards. Thesis research involved the development of China’s social security and relief to the poor has some theoretical guidance and practical significance.
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