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A Study On The Dongxiang Nationality Woman Teachers' Career Course Of Development

Posted on:2008-09-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360215969025Subject:Principles of Education
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The Dongxiang nationality is one of three minorities peculiar to Gansu province. The Dongxiangs have balanced ingeniously conflict between social open progress and pursuing ethnic identification in continuous cultural fusion for thousands of years, which have brought distinctive ethnic character as well as forging groups personality. The woman teachers of The Dongxiang nationality, as intellectuals considerate towards The Dongxiang social modernization and key persons of ethnic education, have made a contribution to The Dongxiangs. Under the background of globalization, there will be a special meaning beyond the level of education for us to study their present living and development situation. The dissertation, from the visual angle of anthropology of education, by a case of The Dongxiangs'woman teachers, and using a method of field working, analyzed comprehensively the woman teachers' career course of development in The Dongxiang nationality, probed into some 'original' cultural tradition of The Dongxiang nationality and cultural changes which happened and are happening under the conflict of modernization and the influence of main society, further constructed internal structure of their career course of development, and revealed the course of changes in social politics, economy and culture ,which are following their career course of development.The article made a retrospective probe into five woman teachers' career course ofdevelopment on the basis of deeply investigating cultural custom, so as to hope understanddifferent age, standing, level of education, post and kinds of school woman teachers'similarities and differences. Most of woman teachers were affected by natural conditions,backward production ways and special cultural background etc in the experience of seekingknowledge; sexual distinction treatment limited woman teachers' career course ofdevelopment; parents, woman teachers and village branch secretary were indispensableassistant to their career course of development. Marriage was an important aspect of theircareer course of development. Big social changes must lead to all the various aspect offamily changes. During the course of social changes, the woman teachers' marriage valueswere determined by the mutual blend of sacred instruction and social traditions and modernideas, and in such a cultural atmosphere, the woman teachers' career course of developmentinevitably presented conflict and struggle, which reflected the conflict between traditionaland modern values that emerged after woman teachers' cultural consciousness. It was resultof cultural nurture as well as cultural conflict. Profession development of teacher is acontinuous course, and it runs through the history of teacher's individual growth. Women teachers' profession cannot develop without their own hard work and other people's guide and support.Cultural changes and social changes have been history trend that is unable to be avoided and prevented by any nation, ethnic group and individual person. And all this things that have happened can continuously break the 'equilibrium' between the woman teachers in The Dongxiang nationality and original traditional culture, which makes the woman teachers face frequenter and stronger cultural impact and acculturation. Viewed from the surface standpoint, there is a conflicting value trend between modern and traditional cultural inheritance, but viewed from developmental practice of the women teachers' general and special career, we can see that cultural changes isn't only confined to conformity between different culture and at the same time it can also arouse individual cultural consciousness, thus inheriting and replacing their own cultural tradition consciously. So, facing kinds of conflicts and disadvantages in the existing living, they still can continuously seek developmental chances in limited time and space and go forward calmly in conflict based on the traditional culture. This is the true portrayal of the woman teachers' career course of development.
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