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From "Other's Narration" To "Self's Construction"

Posted on:2008-06-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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This dissertation attempts to make a more systematic inquiry into the transition of Yi studies from 1950s' to the present.As a part of all the Chinese studies,Chinese ethnology and the world anthropology,Yi studies has already aroused the domestic and foreign scholars'interest day by day.In addition,the good developing situation of Yi studies about nearly 60 years has brought it into the deeper and abroader development.In Han nationality scholars' vision,the field of Yi studies involves ancestor and race,language and writing,folk literature,religious belief,folk custom culture,society and life,education and so on.They have already made the descriptive statement and the etic research.However, in the basic same field,Yi nationality scholars have selected the different method,namely excavated the charm of the Yi glorious hitorical culture by way of the more widespread cultural phenomenon, and joined the discourse of the Yi nationality,Yi culture and Yi status in the academic mainstream words by way of it,thus changed the former academic discourse of Yi studies.This kind of transition of research paradigm not only has caused Yi studies conspicuous but also impelled the development of the contemporary Chinese ethnology,morever provided indispensible experience and significance.The historical transition of Yi studies has been realized under the joint effort among the government,intellectual,local forces and the ethnic elite,formed under the isomorphism of the ideology,academic consciousness and the self-service of national,constructed under the historical background about the post-modern cultural theory,the national culturalism,the change of anthropological development. Just under the historical,cultural and academical background,the contemporary Yi studies uttered its own voice:Yi scholar,Liu Yaohan and "the Chinese Yi nationality culture school of thought" strived to re-erect Yi nationality image,simultaneously made Yi status obvious in the Chinese nation through the method of archaeology of knowledge.The "Bamo Sisters' Group of Yi Studies" tried hard to lively unfold the Yi living world to the common people,decipher the real significance of the existence of Yi culture in the original context all the aspects including Yi peoples' worship of ancestors,written literature,cutltural dissemination and vicissitude so on.The multitudinous foreign scholars participated the international conference on Yi studies...Their research invovled the Yi culture study,the Yi history study,the Yi religion study,the Yi sociology study,the Yi linguistics study,the Yi astronomy study,the Yi philosophy study ,the Yi ethics study and other domais on.Yi studies has already obtained enormous achievments,simultaneously it also been focused by academic community.However,the study on Yiology's development was weaker relatively in the nearly 60 years.Just based on this reason,the dissertation attempts to make a comprehensive research on the transition of Yiology by way of contextualization through setting Yi studies of each period into the corresponding historical and cultural contexts and solves the following problems:Which achievement has Yiology obtained?Which characteristic has the emic research of Yi studies taken on?What is the developing tendency of Yiology?What problems and relations of Yiology should pay attention to?What characteristic has the Yiology manifested the Chinese ethnology?What model significance does the Chinese ethnology has by way of Yiology?This dissertation intends to comb the development course of Chinese Yiology beginning from the discussion of Liangshan Yi society nature in the 50s of 20th century to the present .During the course of combing,it will invovle the Yiology's development type,characteristic,history,present situation and so on. Certainly,because Yiology has already become an international studies field,the dissertation will unify overseas scholars' research to perform the certain statement.In the synchronic and diachronic structure, the Yi culture research circle among Sichuan ,Yunnan,Guizhou Provinces will be brought into scope,hope it can outline an rough sketch of Yi studies.And try hard to be able to carry on reconsidering Yi studies in domestic and foreign,various region and all levels of research foundation .The dissertation consists of the introductory remarks, five chapters of the maintext,and miscellaneous survey.The introductory remarks will introduce the Yiology history of learning,research goal of this paper,research thought and method.The first chapter,is to review and reconsider the investgation and discussion about Liangshan Yi society nature in the 50s-60s of the 20th century,mainly revovels round the social political background of investgation,the content and the characters about the discussion of the Yi social nature and the reconsidering on these.The second chapter,will take Liu Yaohan's research in the 1980s and "the Chinese Yi Culture School of Thought" which he guided as the research object,give dual attention to comb Liu Yaohan's academic background and to introduce his achievement, introduce academic achievment and sumamarize characteristics of "the Chinese Yi Culture School of Thought".The third chapter,will probe into Li Shaoming 's academic contemplation on the Yi society in the 80s-90s of the 20th century,outline his research interest on society,history and culture about Yi and its peripheral surroundings. The fourth chapter,is about "the Bamo Sisters' Group of Yi Studies",a folk learned group , is for the purpose of discovering the emic research of Yi nationality keeping the vigorous vitality under the domestic and foreign academic backgrounds through Bamo Ayi's studies on the Yi nationality religious belief research,Bamo Qubumo's studies on Yi literature research. The fifth chapter,will focus on the argument about Yi studies between the Chinese and foreign scholars, mainly study the identity of ethnic group,the ethnic classification and Steven Harrell's contribution to Yi studies,finally carry on reconsidering the ethnic classification.The miscellaneous survey will summarize some academic characteristics of Yi studies and point out the insufficiency.In sum,the originality of this dissertation is as follows:1.Up till now,the dissertation will be more comprehensive to comb the Yi studies academically in the later 1950s',not only bring Yiology of nearly 60 years into the vision of research ,but also study the special research topics on the significant academic events, phenomena as well as the important characters each period. Some characters' research is quite comprehensive and earnest.In terms of the material,the author holds the first-hand material and the most recent academic information as far as possible in order to guarantee the dissertation novel and the originality.2.The dissertation is attempting to rely on the hitory of learning and returning to the original academic environment.And based on this foundation,the author will reconsider the certain academic events,and strive for giving some constructive comment and suggestion for the development of Yiology and ethnology.3. The limits of the region boundary will be broken, the research achievements of Yi nationality scholars from Beijing,Sichuan,Yunnan,Guizhou and so on will be channelled into the Yi culture circle as the research object,both shed light on the macroscopic contmplation to them,and also study and expound carefully on the concrete case,will strive for combing work at selected spots with that of the whole area.
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