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Research On The Development Of Chinese Private Universities In The Transition Period

Posted on:2008-12-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In human society and history, the beginning of higher education was run by local people. As the society and the education system have been changing and reforming, private higher education of some developed countries in this world is fairly developed and advanced. Many countries are famous of their own outstanding private universities in the world. In the late 1980s, our country began to renew its own private training and education system and develop its own private higher education. This thesis mainly focuses on the research of the fundamentals of private higher education, strategy factors, investment and production, the approach of development, integrated evaluation, and analytic demonstration. The article will launch the discussion in terms of the overall quality benefit and positive cycle development in order to construct the integrated evaluation of the basic frame and system. Finally, the analytic demonstration will embody the potentials of the higher education development.First, the thesis is going to analyze the purpose and significance of the private higher education development, the status quo home and abroad as well as the necessity and feasibility to develop private higher education so as to optimize the structure of our higher education, reform the system of running education and take full advantage of education resources. As for ecology, it will analyze the zoology principles, lifecycle principles, competition principles, the overall effect of zoology, and the cooperation principles of environment. Leading gene facilitates the growth of creatures and confining gene is the key of limiting the living and the propagation of creatures. Private universities are supposed to use the number of leading gene and confining gene and the scientific management of quality to develop sequently in order to form the developed harmonious unification of private universities and 'environment' and establish the living substance depending on each other. This will embody the value of the private universities for the society and establish a multiple higher education and a private higher education system with harmonious and stable positive cycle development.Second, the dissertation is going to discuss the strategy factors of the private universities' development in terms of major setup, the scale of running education, the benefit of running education, the quality of running education, the quality effect, and the construction of teacher resources. This will bring up skillful talents to the basic communities for serving neighborhood and establish a training mode dominated in talents' quality, scale as well as employment for social benefits, profession morality, cultural quality education and the sense of devotion and serving. The strategy will also encourage private universities to enhance the structure of teacher resources, economize the cost of running education, develop the teaching research, and explore the new methods of education quality and class teaching. The article also clarify that raising teaching quality is the combination of teaching and learning as well as embodiment of higher talents' quality, quantity, and ratio. When analyzing the investment and production of private universities, the thesis firstly explore the policy investment of the country, self gathering and soft resources. Then it suggest that private universities charge according to the education cost, introduce plenty of social fund to develop the cooperation of college and enterprise and take advantage of game theory to explain the relationship between investment and production with the compare of contract breach of teachers and students. The value influence of the production will be illustrated in the university management.Third, this thesis will put forward some advice of approaches about positive cycle development. As to the requirement of social development, the finance of the country depending on private education, people's thirst of multiple higher education and the heavy pressure of employment, it suggest the private universities lead a self-creative, self-accumulated, international education cooperative road with advanced experience of running education. Private education must pay attention to the development strategy of multiple formats, ways and approaches. Furthermore, it should unfold the society and its own optimized resources to form a new path of positive cycle development.While analyzing the integrated evaluation of private universities, the article will discuss the purpose, meaning and the significance of the evaluation about developing private universities. The socialism direction of running education along with teaching domination and the principle of regular management is illustrated in the thesis too. The significance of integrated evaluation is thoroughly explained in purpose for reform, construction, combination, and optimized development. Besides, the whole passage is going to use evaluation formula and objective evaluation according to establishment of integrated evaluation system of private education to explain the specific results and samples from the analytics. The basic evaluation frame will be established in terms of teaching standard system and ranking standard in private universities.At last, the end of the thesis will analyze some specific and respective cases of private universities in the modern society of our state.
Keywords/Search Tags:private higher university, development strategy, integrated evaluation, positive cycle approach
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