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Research And Practice Of The Controlling In Training Procedure Of National Women's Waterpolo Team

Posted on:2008-07-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360275463302Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In order to get better prepared for the Olympic Games of 2008,and to complete the goal of controlling the transferring of the present state of athletic ability,the present study,based on cybernetics,theories of management and training procedure,designs and carries out the plan of controlling the procedure of Women' s Waterpolo Team' s training during 2005-2006,in which the methods of interviewing,video-taking, comparative analysis,mathematic statistics,and logical induction have been taken.The controlling of the training procedure refers to the activities that the subjects have taken to intervene into the transferring of sportsmen' sathletic ability with the purpose of fulfilling the desired goals.The subjects of controlling are made up of managers,coaches, researchers,and medical staff,with athletes together.The objects being controlled is the athletic ability of sportsmen.The controlling models are mainly composed of five aspects:diagnosing of the situation,setting of the goal,working out of the plan,organizing of the performing,and evaluating of the results.The present study finds out that the game of waterpolo has a high requirement to the sportsmen' scomprehensive stamina.The best athletes around the world average 25 years old.They have great competence in skill, which is shown as great upholding ability,swift and changeable passing skill,and various means of shot.In the layer of tactics,they also display active consciousness of creating opportunities for shot attentively,well-balanced formation both externally and internally, all-the-round countering ability,and diverse systems of tactics.When it comes to the aspect of psychology,their advantages are chiefly shown in definite motivation for tactics,strong desire for winning,keen ability for observing and analyzing,and strong willpower.In contrast, waterpolo athletes in China are relatively younger and weaker in stamina, basic skills and tactic ability in real competition.What' s more,their lack of confidence and relatively lower training load are also the reasons why they are still have a long distance to go compared with those strong teams in the world.In order to find out where the Chinese National Team falls short compared with those advanced teams and gradually reduce it,the present study designs and filters the major content of the annual training of stamina,tactic ability,as well as the athlete's psychological bearing ability,which will provide a basis for particular training plan.In real organizing and performing of the plan,the training of stamina must always be kept in a high level of load.Meanwhile,the training of techniques must focuses on how to improve their ability of mastering comprehensive skills,of quick attack,and of positional attack and defense.In the aspect of psychology,the training attaches more importance on the fostering of the athletes'senses of water,the ball,and their understanding of tactics.All of the desired targets will be achieved by effective interference before the competition.During the process of training,the way of dynamic supervision has been taken,together with several other index,on the load of training,which,combined with reinforced management of the team,will provide a tough basis for the carrying out of the training.Through this effective controlling of the process of training,the National Women Waterpolo Team has achieved her desired resul ts.In the latest international competition in 2006,the team's loss to strong teams has been reduced apparently.The athletic ability of the national team has been greatly improved,and the supervising norms of stamina training are far beyond the expectation as well,which finally turns to be the superior speed in competitions and better ability of counterattacking or goals in the situation of 6 on 5.But in the field of defense,the improvement is not as obvious as that in the attack.There is still great distance between Chinese team and other great teams in the world.In order to further improve the accuracy of the controlling in the training procedure,the writer puts forward several suggestions as followed:1)to strengthen the dynamic analyses of the developing tendency of international women's Waterpolo game,and deepen subjects' understanding of the specific characteristics of sports training to change their concepts;2)to pay more attention to the athletes' effects as the subjects of controlling and to develop their sports resourcefulness,to change gradually from carrying out tactics passively to design and perform the tactics initiatively;3)to broaden the sources of information feedback continuously, especially these from outside of the team;4)to strengthen the research in accordance with the athlete' spersonal characteristics.
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