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Study On The Competences Structure And Post Training System Of Chinese Athletic Coaches

Posted on:2009-03-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360275463826Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The coaches' executive capability and level are key aspects to influce and restrict the development of competitive sports.Enhancing the coaches' competences is the main approach to improve the level of competitive sports and scicetific training in many countries.Although some events of Chinese Athletics are in the advanced position all over the world in rcent years,the disparity of the whole standard between China and some great power country is obvious.Study on the Chinese athletic coaches' competences structure,post training system and the relationship between them throughly is very important to improve the athletic coaches' executive capability,promote the continious and exuberant development of Chinese athletics and realize the people oriented training recognition.This study will benefit other events' relative theoretical and practical research.Using documentary research on the Chinese sport universities' experts, advanced athletic coaches,excellent athletes and athletic governors,combined with questionaire and interview,case study,logical organum and numeral statistics,the data was analysed and conformited in order to compose the Chinese athletic coaches' competences structure,kernel competences structure,and the consummate post training system relatively.The apparent Chinese athletic coaches' competences are composed of two items of second rank,ten items of third rank and forty-nine items of fourth rank.The concealed competences are composed of six items of second rank,twenty-six items of third rank.It can be concluded that the important degree of kernel competences of Chinese athletic coaches are with eleven factors:training recognition,psychological characters,special training ability,direct competition ability,special experiences, career respect spirits,sport training knowledge,sport medical treatment knowledge, team management ability,"others",philosophy and thought knowledge.It is divided into kernel and sustaining parts. Chinese athletic coaches' post training system is composed of tactic establishment,requirement analysis,organization and implement combined with effect evaluation.According to the tactic of equilibrious continous development and the enhancing of the integrated competences of coaches,pay attention on the explicit coaches' training requirement,specify the organization and implement details like lecturers,training contents,training modalities,forming the scientific effect evaluation project,all these aspecets will consummate Chinese athletic coaches' post training system theretically and practically.Chinese athletic coaches' competences and training system form the "house model structure",the relationship between them are sustaining and supportive.The post traing from government combined with other training activities will play the supportive role to improve the coaches' executive capabilities.The coaches should try to carry out the training harvest and the athletes will acquire the better performance and whole development throuth coaches' training activities.The coaches play the sustaining role.The selection of the kernel competences will form the coaches' individual training style.
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