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Teacher Morality Construction Of Local University

Posted on:2011-09-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360308465896Subject:Ideological and political education
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In recent years, higher education has accomplished the transformation from elite education to mass education through deepening reform of the higher education system. In achieving the mass education, the local universities play a role as major force in the scale expansion of higher education, most of which are facing great opportunities for development as well as more problems. In the reform and development of local universities, teacher morality construction is of great importance. Teachers'ideological and political quality and professional ethics directly impact the quality of education and determined the effectiveness of the reform and development of local universities. In the special transition of modernization and the development of higher education, it is important, according to the demand of times, to clarity the historical development of college teacher's moral theory,to grasp the characteristics of teachers'moral in local universities, to focus on their morality construction and also find a new way to improve it. This is significant for the sustainable development of local universities, not only out of the needs for the theoretical development of higher education, but also demanded by the reform and development of local universities.Historical development of college teacher's moral theory has a long time. Both ancient and modern people proceed profound reflection and deep thinking on morality issues from their own social and historical conditions in different periods. Ancient China formed several important ideas such as to serve as role models; to love students, to concern about the students and so forth. Meanwhile western countries formed some valuable assets such as to love education, to care for students; to serve as role models, knowledgeable; capacity-building and so on. At the same time, Marxism also formed many outstanding ideas, which are the revolutionary change and inherence development on morality theory for the previous human.The professional features of college teachers determine that their morality is a special one, which contains the humanism. What's more, it is the first thing of college culture. Academic moral occupies an important position in college teacher morality.Compared to the development of elite education, the local universalities of mass education present themselves to be extended scale, shortage of resources, diverse development and closer links with local economic development. These features place different requirements on the teacher morality in local universities from those in key universities or vocational colleges in the change of graduate matriculate quality, the development of faculty, the application-based teaching and research, and the teaching resources of local universities, etc. Teachers in local universities should strengthen self-cultivation in teaching capacity, application-oriented research capacity, humanities quality and ethics of scientific research. Teachers should cultivate themselves by loving their job and students, serving as role models, keeping up with the demand of times (i.e. educational innovation), team-working and feeling content with their job.The research indicates that the assessment of local university teachers on the teacher morality construction is not high, but it is on the rise; their evaluation on the professional ethics is better, but there is still much room for improvement; estimation on teaching capacity is above normal while the academic ability is below normal. Meanwhile, teachers'moral relates to the general moral. For example, teachers have different standard of evaluation on honesty, personal development and collective development, money etc. Besides teaching activities, the time that teachers spend with students is on the decrease, especially on these three matters: professional learning and employment, interpersonal relationship and personal life, and political issues. To strengthening college teachers'moral construction, the key issue is to solve three matters, i.e. dedication, role model, and the focus of school principalship.To intensify teacher morality construction is the current focus of the reform and development of local universities. It requires putting"man-oriented"principle as the core, the socialist core value system as the soul, the promotion of teachers'professional development as foundation, the accomplishment of the system specification and the evaluation system as guarantee, the construction of academic moral and study style as key point, and the creation of good environment as the objective.
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