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Research Of Distributive Network System Management On The Basis Of The Web In CIMS

Posted on:2005-09-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H H XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360122496203Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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This paper is mainly concerned with the research of the system network management on the supporting platform within the framework of CIMS, in other words, the research and development of the intelligence network management on the basis of the WEB in the environment of CIMS. The paper aims to provide CIMS of an enterprise as well as the information enterprise as a whole with network platform and intelligence management of the network platform. Meanwhile, it can also be applied to the network platform management in such areas as urban information, electronic government administration information, information education, postal service information, telecommunications information and military information.The research subject originates from 'Shanghai CIMS Applied Demonstration Project' of the State 863 CIMS Program, (number: 863-511-810-031)'SABS CIMS Applied Demonstration Project' of Science and Technology Development Foundation of Shanghai (number: 97141102) and 'Research on Distributive Intelligence Network on the Basis of the Web' of Shanghai Education Commission Development Foundation Project (number: 013A8). This paper sums up the authors' research and work in terms of theory, method, key technology, the development of autonomous copyrighted software and application in the light of the above actual research subjects as well as the theoretical research and actual situation of the project.In theory, the paper expounds the underlying problems in the supporting network management of CIMS and its trend of development through research on information platform and the network, and the current situation of application as well as the concept, relevant methods and techniques of contemporary integrated circuit manufacturing. It also analyses the status quo of network management application in the environment of CIMS, put forward ShuNetview's distributive intelligence system management on the basis of the Web and establishes the design scheme of the system in accordance with the requirements for CIMS supporting system.In method, the paper provides the distributive intelligence network management with such integrated circuit techniques as artificial intelligence, expert system, distributive intelligence agent and the Web, as well as the structure of the distributive network management with intelligence agent and DCOM technique. Moreover, in the light of the basic protocol of SNMP network management, the paper expands the operation protocol and the interface of MIB translator device.The paper also introduces the system of rules in line with the method of production into fault diagnosis and fault removal.In software development, the authors emphasize the concept of autonomous copyright and product and strive to usher in a new road as required by the CMM criteria, oriented towards the market, and ranging from research, development, testing through to marketing.In application, the paper establishes ShuNetview's OSI system management as the scaffold and the network management protocol - the general criterion of facts as the basis and is verified and applied in SABS enterprise network platform, the network platform environment of Shanghai University.
Keywords/Search Tags:Contemporary Integrated Circuit Manufacturing, NMS, Intelligence Agent, Technique oriented towards the Plant, SNMP, Distributive, Web, Network Platform
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