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Research On Profit Distribution And Behavioral Decision-making Based On Supply Chain Emergency Risk

Posted on:2011-01-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J G LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119330332960186Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Supply chain has broken the boundaries between enterprises, it is a function link of network chain among logistics, information flow and capital flow, and has become "the third profit source". Many enterprises adopt new strategy, such as outsourcing, singleness supplier, concentration distribution and so on, to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, which makes the supply chain more complex and vulnerable to the impact of unexpected events from internal and external. Recently, the frequent occurrence of emergencies has played a serious impact on the inter-enterprise supply chain. It may result in transportation facilities are not available or delay the use of a temporary interruption of supply of raw materials of the supply chain, but also may result in blockage of information channel, demand fluctuations resulting in huge economic losses to the supply chain. Emergencies change the supply chain business model of traditional thinking. At present, as a hot area of research, most of the supply chain research focuses on under normal supply chain management. Facing of changing external environment within the supply chain, and under the current environment, based on supply chain management theory, with emergency management of the supply chain of emergency decision-making this thesis conducts in-depth study of specific include the following:Firstly, two kind supply chain risk transmission model are constructed which are price pusher and demand puller. Each was discussed under the situations with inventory and without inventory. The transmission effect of supply chain risk mainly reflected on the risk of fluctuations in manufacture's and retailer's profits. To watch the risk transmission effects intuitively, this dissertation did example analyses for each model above with MATLAB, and gave corresponding conclusions. According to the previous studies, some tactics for supply chain risk management are presented.Secondly, resource inputs and the contribution rate as the benchmark, the emergency incidents as a supply chain management, supply chain nodes that affect the distribution of business interests is an important factor in the risk of unexpected events that it will consider the interests of the supply chain, distribution mechanism, providing the coordination of the supply chain method of distribution of benefits. Described the distribution of benefits that affect the supply chain, the main factors, and compared to normal circumstances and take into account emergency situations the difference between the distribution of benefits was studied in normal circumstances, to consider the external unexpected events and unexpected events to consider the internal situation,1 to a supply chain, and 1 for n supply chain, distribution of interests of their respective types, methods and models.Thirdly, the supply chain business decision-making patterns and ways of thinking are studied using game theory and considering emergency risk. And further examine the supply chain, distribution of benefits among business groups, law. In accordance with the supply chain the dominant position of enterprises of different and unexpected events from different sources, and through the establishment of the four kinds of combinations to consider the risk of unexpected events game model of supply chain enterprises. The probability of unexpected events will occur as a variable to study the different cases of supply chain based on emergencies game results and game groups, the main benefits of their distribution program.Fourthly, this thesis has a research on the emergency coordination mechanism in supply chain under disruption by the method of WSR and a series of emergency management theory. Firstly, this thesis analyses the"Wuli"factor of the emergency coordination mechanism in supply chain under disruption, and proposes a series of pointed measures to reduce the instability of supply chain system. Secondly, this thesis makes use of the"Shili"to make overall plans of "Wuli", which is helpful to establishing the emergency coordination mechanism in supply chain under disruption and conducting the flow of emergency coordination. Finally, takes the factor of "Renli" into account, this thesis enhances the awareness of cooperation among enterprises in supply chain by all kind measures and realizes the coordination of the three factors.Fifthly, using the Shipbuilding Supply Chain of RSZG for example, empirical analysis of the probability of unexpected events in different positions in the supply chain, the impact of the distribution of enterprise efficiency, and the face of unexpected events throughout the supply chain than the non-cooperative inter-firm cooperation beneficial to the conclusion. Through practice, the emergence of new problems, new research could be inspired by the phenomenon of workers in a more realistic theory of the coordination mechanism, which could further guide practice.In today's increasingly complex of economy and society, it has important significant to consider the risk of emergency in case of corporate decision-making and coordination of the supply chain, whether in theory or in practice.
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