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Incubator Business Model Innovation: Research, Professional Incubators Involved In Venture Capital

Posted on:2011-08-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Business model is by investigating the enterprise business logic and to clarify the ultimate source of corporate profits or sustainable development. This dissertation from the visual angle of business model to analysis of the incubator as a operation characteristic of enterprises, dissect its business logic and clarify the source of its sustainable development.In this paper, summarizes up domestic and foreign scholars to based on the definition of business models and analytical models, combined with its own internal operating trait, that the incubator business model refers to how to integrate internal and external resources to provide services of business incubation, obtain to continuing operations cash flow or sustained profitability, while achieving going-concern the business logic. And from the theoretical, empirical and cases analysis to prove hypothesis. At this stage, the incubator has sustainable development of business model, to establish venture capital investment plus professional services incubator means the Capital-based Incubators come into being innovation ecosystem is the incubator business model innovation direction.The main framework of this dissertation is as follows:Chapterâ… Introduction. Including research background and significance, research content, research methods, The particular importance is the use of incubators case shows that making efforts on incubator to progress business model innovation. And achieved favorable results, research evidence of it, especially the incubator of capital model such as the business model' s feasibility and necessity.Chapterâ…¡, literature Review. It' s including both at home and abroad research, business model research and venture capital research and overview of the eco-system and DE A method. In addition, exert the in addition the application of international law than the occasion of the United States, Israel and Finland, the evolution of business models for analysis.Chapterâ…¢, study design and methodology. Put forward this dissertation' s research vision, incubator business model research model, DEA incubator business model, cases research model.Chapterâ…£, incubator business model theoretical analysis frame. Demonstrated in detail the framework of the incubator business model, the composition and content of the incubator business model classification and its business model, all kinds of change on incubator business model.Chapterâ…¤, empirical studyâ… : Incubator business model performance evaluation. Evaluation of the 2007 National 592 incubators operating efficiency, demonstrates the incubator business model innovation in the direction of professional venture capital incubator. Further use incubator business model framework and the combination of statistical methods in 30 incubators in Shanghai empirical analysis, demonstration proposition.Chapterâ…¥, the empirical studyâ…¡: Success Incubator business model multi-case study. By Shanghai five typical incubator business model analysis, comparative analysis, at this stage there is diversity of incubator business models. It' s sustainable development business model is match to own incubator. But the Capital-based Incubator still have advantages.Chapterâ…¦, the building innovation ecosystem: Capital-based Incubator. Innovation Ecosystem-based venture incubator hatching mechanism, that type of possible capital is built on an angel Incubator incubator, and designed to return on investment and value-added services revenue-based angel hatching incubator business model.Chapterâ…§, conclusions and outlook. Get the study results, creative point, give a future development direction of the incubator and models for our country.The main innovation of this paper can be summarized as follows:1.This dissertation argues that the nature of incubators is an intellectual service agency of providing innovation and entrepreneurship. Incubators and their clients, partners form a symbiotic co-existence of the innovation ecosystem. The principal innovation of this dissertation is from a business point of view, using the bussiness model' s theory to research the opeartion of incubators.2. Defines the incubator business model, giving for the 5 key factors analysis structure. Factor 1, Orientation. Solving the problem of the incubator for whom to service. Factor 2, Value Proposition. What does incubator doing? Factor 3, Value Chain, the value of incubator how to produce and configure. Factor 4, Dynamic capabilities, incubator's ability to integrate internal and external resources. Factor 5, Break-even Model. Incubator to achieve the balance of income and expenditure to ensure continuing operations.3. Incubator business model has a model to value chain from simple trap model, specific model and schema evolution law of capital, capital-based professional incubator can effectively foster entrepreneurship scale enterprises and the formation of innovation ecosystem. 4. Incubator network relationships constitute an innovation ecosystem, a comprehensive and systematic study of this system helps to analyze the trend of the future development of incubators. This paper will theoretically give Incubator Innovation Ecosystem-Angel incubator business model.
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