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Research On Dual-Channel Supply Chain Cooperation And Competition

Posted on:2012-06-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119330368978196Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As one of the most important foundation theory in recent 50 years, supply chain has caught much attention from both theoretical circles and practical world. The successful applications of relevant theories have brought ample rewards. Along with the development of information communication technology, more and more enterprises adopt e-commerce platform. The appearance of e-market not only changed the sales and service mode of supply chains, but also influenced the structure and operational mode of supply chains. On one side, supply chain members can perform their routes through traditional channel; the long-term cooperation relation can ensure the stability of the supply chain. On the other, the existence of e-market acts as an implement and brings much flexibility to the supply chain.Speaking of dual-channel supply chain, there exist competition relation stem from"double marginal"and the cooperation relation from common interest between supply chain members. Between dual-channel supply chains, competition stems from competing for limited market and cooperation derives from R&D and resource sharing. In different market phase, the content of competition differs. In this thesis, the competing relations of supply chains are into 3 stages, namely, counter-competing, tolerant-competing and coopetition. The backgrounds of different stages are analyzed, and point out that, coopetition is an inevitable trends.In the complex cooperation and competition network constructed by several dual-channel supply chains, trust is the essence that keeps the network going. In chapter 3, trust degree is introduced and expanded to depict the trust relationship in the co petition network. Trust transmission mechanism and overlay pattern is designed. On introducing the formation of trust equilibrium, the trust equilibrium is solved. The stability of the solution is analyzed and equilibrium improvement is put forward accordingly.Within dual-channel supply chain, there exist many decision patterns. On analyzing the operations under different patterns, the operational models under distribution decision mode, centralized decision mode and option coordination mode are constructed respectively. By comparison, the performance of option contract is illustrated when confront with demand disruption and cost disruption.As the market has gradually become customer-oriented, the behavior of customers plays an important role in affecting the results of supply chain competition. The competition pattern based on customer utility is proposed. Based on the competition pattern, the formation of market share is analyzed. Combined with the results from chapter 4, the strategies of competing dual-channel supply chains are deduced.Finally, auto industry is used to testify the evolution of competing relation. Combined with Hafei Auto Corporation, guidance for future decisions is provided.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain management, Dual-channel supply chain, supply chain competition, supply chain trust, supply chain disruption
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