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The Study Of The Countermeasure For The Practice Of Supply Chain Management In Chinese Enterprise

Posted on:2007-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2179360182481929Subject:Business management
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In the past several years, regardless of in theory or enterprise, the people's interests to the supply chain management grew rapidly, and it will continue. The reasons which causes this kind of situation are various, first is the need of the practice, moreover there had been very many successful models, like Wal & Mart and so on. Next, with the rapid development of each kind of communication technology and information technology, especial the development of Internet, the electronic business, which supported and safeguard the fast development of the supply chain management.The implementation of supply chain management have the pivotal function of strengthening the competitive ability to the modern enterprise, which already obtains everyone's recognition, but the actual situation of which implemented the supply chain management in our Chinese enterprise is not entirely as well as desired, this article attempts to analyze the reason of it and to give some corresponding suggestions, and expect them be of service to the practice of our Chinese enterprise's supply chain management.This article uses the research technique which includes the qualitative analysis andthe case analysis, the first part is the introduction, first proposed the researchsignificance, again elaborated the domestic and foreign present research situationabout supply chain management, finally introduced this article's research contentand frame;in the second part the elementary theory of the supply chain managementis introduced, first limited the concept of supply chain and supply chain management,induced the characteristic of supply chain and supply chain management, then hasdifferentiated several concepts related with supply chain and supply chainmanagement, such as value chain, ERP, as well as logistics management, finallyintroduced the main content of supply chain management;The conditions and thedifficulties of supply chain management were discussed in the third part, the reasonof this part of content is that the author thought this is the key question which theenterprise should consider in the implementation of supply chain management, atpresent, the elaborations on difficulties were many, but elaborations on conditionswere actually few;In the fourth part, elaborated the present situation our country enterprise's supply chain management, then according to the enterprise case which implied supply chain management in the fifth to tenth session of the Chinese enterprise management modernization innovation achievement collection, the author summarized the characteristic of our country's enterprise who implied supply chain management, Finally according to above two and the correlation literature, summarized the main reason affected supply chain management level of our country enterprise;The fifth part is a conclusion, also is some suggestion which the author proposed to enhance the supply chain management level of our country enterprise. The sixth part is the case analysis, the author introduced the typical case on Haier's implements of supply chain management, by the example strength explained the implementation supply chain manages significance. The seventh part is concluding remark.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Integrated Supply Chain, Uncertainty, Supply Chain Partnership, Profit Distribution
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