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Development Strategic Research Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Under The New-type Industrialization Process

Posted on:2006-07-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y G ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119360185495118Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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To do research how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seize the opportunity and seek to develop in the new-type industrialized process, it is the question needing to study urgently at present, and this has important practice meanings to accelerating the new-type industrialized process and promoting SMEs well development.This doctorate dissertation combines the newest achievement in management field based on explaining SMEs new-type development advantage, regards promoting the sustainable development of SMEs as the goal, probes into the development strategy question of SMEs under the micro view from value creating, strategic elements, the Core Competence, etc,. The dissertation adopts standardization analysis and demonstration research, uses relevant analytical methods synthetically, such as microeconomics, game theory, evolvement economics, systematic dynamics, etc., pays attention to the feasibility research of the development strategy. Compared with similar research, the unique characteristic of this doctorate dissertation is that regarding the Core Competence as the breakthrough point to probe into the SMEs development strategy question under the micro view.First of all, through analyzing new-type industrialization, the dissertation draws the conclusion that SMEs should use the new-type development advantage synthetically formed by the comparative advantage and backward advantage, propel SMEs develop by leaps and bounds, and walk on the road to sustainable development in the new-type industrialized process. Next, the dissertation continues analyzing the enterprise's competition advantage from three levels of market management, level management, network management, and emphasizes the competition advantage especially contained in two strategic elements of entrepreneurship and social capital. Later, the dissertation is on the theoretical foundation of the Core Competence that C.K.Prahalad and Gary Hamel put forward, further researches the component of the Core Competence, analyzes the essential characteristic of the Core Competence, enlarges and expands the concept of the Core Competence, renewedly puts forward the concept of the core competence, which is suitable for our country SMEs, initially from the value creation view.Then introducing the famous " Chain-Store Paradox " model and " Stackelberg " model in the research, using the research approach of game theory, the dissertation carries on careful and deep game theory analysis, deduces the four sorts of development strategy suitable for SMEs choosing, and builds "SMEs development strategic game theory model ", carries on the demonstration research. Later the dissertation explains the question of SMEs development strategic choice and implement separately. Finally, the dissertation concludes to the discussion around the issues related to the SMEs development strategy and gives the direction of studying further.
Keywords/Search Tags:New-type Industrialization, New-type Development Advantage, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Development Strategy, Core Competence, Development Strategic Game Theory Model
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