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The Study On Ideological And Political Education Of Prisoners

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The prison which is a microcosm of society is also a window of the progress of human civilization, and the civilization degree of prison is the scale of social civilized level. Although the number of the inmates in the whole country is very small, it does not only affect his family, relatives and friends but also the social harmony and stability. Due to their tremendous harm to society and the individual, many people think that they are unforgivable and must be severely punished, so as to playing the key role in warning and educating the young generation. In fact, the harsh punishment cannot prevents their crime, and what’s more, it maybe lead to worse criminal cases to revenge the society. Despite punishment has the effect of punishing inmates, its real purpose is to transform inmates into law-abiding citizens those who will not commit crimes any more.The prison is a place for punishment execution. The concept of punishment in our mind not only affects the prison work, but also the effectiveness of inmates transformation. With the development of human society, the modern countries have changed from dictatorship to democracy, from barbarism to civilization, from the stern to the punishment, and people gradually change their notion of crime and punishment. Although increasing numbers of people have realized that the criminal caused the social harm, it results from various factors such as politics, economy and culture. Inmates should be reformed through labor and building some new healthy idea which makes them transform ideological concept, reshapes the values and outlook on life, solves the inmates crime problems from the deep thought rather than taking punishment or revenge. As a punishment enforcement agent, the prison is also affected by democracy and civilization of human society, especially prison management humanization and legalization under the influence of building law-based country. How to transform the inmates adapt to the requirement of ruling the country by law and the development of human civilianization is a major mission and urgent task which the Chinese prison is facing.To complete the historical mission for the modification of the prisoners, it must improve and innovate the management level of the prison. The concept of prison execution will not only affect the prison’s work, but also the reform of prisoners. Prison and its management must change their concepts that from a detention facility to a place of rectifying the inmates, intensify inmates thought correction, constantly improve the correction level and the quality and make the prisoners from the deep thought to realize the harm of the crime. After the founding of new China, we must see that we successfully convert many prisoners through regulating behavior, correcting psychology and improving labor skill, but we also see that with the improvement of our socialist democracy and the rule of law, people’s cultural life and economic life have been improved. Paying attention to prisoners thought and intensifying thought correction increasingly become the important working content of prison management.The paper whose center clues is the thinking correct has five chapters. The first chapter is about the ontology of inmates thought correcting. It introduces the evolution of the concept of inmates, analyzes and compares the differences between the western and Chinese inmates, proposes that correcting inmates thought is the precondition of turning back to the road and is the main route of decreasing recidivism rate in the current background. In the second chapter, it mainly focus on exploring theoretical basis of the inmates thought correction. It mainly analyzes the function of the inmates thought correction based on the Marxist anthropology humanism theory, personality theory, psychological ownership theory and the social incentive theory. Respecting the basic privilege, optimize execution effectiveness and constructing socialist harmonious society is the realistic basis of the inmates thought correction. The third chapter expounds the process of the inmates ideas correction. There is two part of the process, one is the dynamic process, including main body, target and medium, the other is static process including implementation, acceptance, retroaction. The two processes which is dynamic, developing and continuous, interact each other. Analyzing and researching the characters and inner laws of the inmates ideas correction contributes to proposal and development of the inmates ideas correction. The fourth chapter centers about the prisoners change process from behaviour to inner world which is affected by various factors. The correction effect is based on delaying of social attitudes, correcting moral ideas and thought quality of educatees and prisoners, and rectifying environment and system. The chapter5presents the corresponding measures of the inmates thought correct. According to the current status of our country prison personnel thought correction, this chapter combines with the latest research results, puts forward the thought of inmates corrective work, establishes full-time corrective work team which takes culture education, labor’s skill education, moral education for serving staff. At the same time, the chapter builds community correction activity which attracts various campaigners to improve the effect and make the prisoners to be law-abiding citizens.
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