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A Prelimilary Study On The Ideological And Political Education Of Prisoners In The Light Of People Oriented Concept

Posted on:2013-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330362469956Subject:Ideological and political education
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Prison has always been the concentrated place where keeps the criminal offenders incustody. By means of confinement and isolation, the criminal offenders are deprived of theirmost valuable thing, personal liberty, to get punishment and rehabilitation. From themicroscopic point of view, the unstableness of prison, gathering place of such specific,complex and high-risk groups, will directly endanger the security of prison monitoring. Froma macro perspective, the prisoners who have not repent sincerely by the prison educationwould still endanger the society peace, and even be more likely to commit intensified crime,which would be a more severe threat to the society harmony, after they return to society. It canbe said that without ‘completely rehabilitation’ in prison, there will be no completely stableand harmonious society.In the new situation, the objective of prison is how to make the rehabilitation get moresocial effects. The author holds that the work should be people oriented, respecting,understanding, caring, and helping prisoners and make the ideological and political educationto be basic step, which should be core of prison work. Only good education and rehabilitationcan make all the fucntion of prison play. Under the people oriented concept, the ideologicaland political education should be around the ‘human nature’ of prisoners, highlighting thecomprehensive development, focusing on the concept and action of rehabilitation, keeping theeducation and rehabilitation of inmates always in a positive track by the way of correctexecution concept and scientific educational methods, thus to attain the optimization ofexecution and rehabilitation.As the crime is a worldwide problem in today’s society, we must continually promote theprison reform and innovation to achieve harmoniously social developmen and realize theprison fuction and social value. By the ideological and political education, the outlook on life,the values and moral values of inmates can get reformed; Bh exploring the psychologicaldevelopment law and education law, studying the criminal appearance, and delving theinherent multi-ideological essence of behavior, it could be possible to perfect the inmates’personality, get them out of life pitfall and bad habit of thinking, and make them abandon evilfor good and recover human nature. By ‘remodeling’ and ‘reforging’, we can complete theprocess of resocialization of inmates, and transform a large number of inmates into the positive force of society in order to achieve the completely conversion. It is the essential taskof prison work, and, what’s more, the fundamental requirement to prison work of constructingharmonious society.By analysing the challenge faced up to in the ideological and political education oninmates in the new situation, with reference to the educational concepts, content, methods,and models, this thesis concentrates on the ‘people oriented’ concept and puts efforts to find asolution to issues standing in the way of management development of the prison, in order topromote management development of prison and the construction of harmonious society.
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