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The Optimization Of Muscle Force Characteristics And Specific Training Methods Of Swinging Technique During The Course Of High-level Sprinters

Posted on:2013-10-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1267330425957080Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Purpose: This study take the fast strength of swinging technique during the sprint asstudy action, and it uses kinematics and surface electromyography test methods toanalyze the swinging technique characteristics and muscle activity features on theway of high-level sprinters. In addition, it sieve part special forces training methods ofswinging technique during sprint out. and it prefer the special forces training methodswhich are more suit the technical requirements of modern sprint.Methods: It use the MotionPro X—4high speed camera which made in Americaand Biovision16channel wireless surface electromyographic telemetry instrumentwhich made in Germany to collect the kinematics and surface electromyography datesof swinging technique and part special forces training methods on the way of Chinesehigh-level male sprinter. Kinematics image uses the image analysis system whichmade in Germany to analyse the image, and get the dates of every joint angle andangular velocity; the original surface electromyography signal use the DASYlab8.0surface electromyography analysis software to deal with, the original surfaceelectromyography signal pass through the band pass filter, full-wave rectification,seeking integral electromyography and envelope line.Result:The study result of swinging technique muscle force characteristics during thesprintDuring the finish of swinging technique movement on the way of sprint, at the frontstage of folding up, the representative of hip flexor muscle such as the tensor fascialata and the rectus femoris are the main force muscle; at the stage of pressing down tothe land, the main force muscle are the gluteus maximus, the unit two long head ofbiceps and the semitendinosus muscle. At the stage of swinging, their orders are: thetensor fascia lata-the rectus femoris-the anterior tibial muscle-gluteus maximus-therear thigh muscles (the unit two long head of biceps, the semitendinosus muscle)-within the lateral head of gastrocnemius muscle-unit four biceps (within the unit,stock, and the rectus femoris). At the primary stage of swinging: The flexors of hipjoint show a strong electromyographic activity, and the tensor fascia lata has thecharacteristic of shrinking prior to the rectus femoris, and the strength of shrinking isbigger than the rectus femoris. After the moment of vertical bracing, the activity ofswinging the rear thigh muscles is obvious, and the time of positive activity is longer.Optimizing the special forces training methods of swinging technique on the wayof sprintThe action of supporting leg with pulling rubber band is an effective way to trainhip flexor muscle and ankle dorsiflexors, but it easily causes many problems such asthe nervous of thigh and loose folding up of thigh and shank. At the same time,because of the hip knee extensor muscle and the semitendinosus muscle take part inthe activities, whether this activity characteristic affects the coordination between active muscle and antagonistic muscle in the swinging technique of sprint, it is stillneed further study. To compared with the action of supporting leg with pulling rubberband, the time sequence and coordination of hip flexor and extensor during themovement of supining leg with load are better than the coordination of hip muscleflexor extensor during the action of supporting leg pull rubber band, but because theaction speed of supining leg with load is lower than the joint speed of swinging leg, itneeds more attention to control the strength of training in order to improve the qualityof training.The action forms, action speed and the pattern of electromyographic activity, themain force muscle, the time sequence, the coordination plus the activitycharacteristics of force training during the wheel run with load are the same asswinging technique of sprint. Therefore, the wheel run with load is the main trainingmethod of developing special force of sprint. The action of lying leg curl with pullinga rubber band can develop the muscle force of rear thigh muscles and three leg muscle,but the nature of muscle activity is different from the rear thigh muscles’ activity ofswinging technique during sprint, so it can’t be the training method of rear thighmuscles’ special forces of swinging technique during sprint.Result: During the special forces training of sprint, it need more attention to thespecial forces training of main force muscle, when it comes to design and choose themethods of trainig the special forces, more consideration should be paid to kineticcharacteristics when the swing leg hip flexors pedal from the last phase to the momentof the other leg’s vertical bracing. Choosing the activity construction of thigh’sswinging from back position to front position as accordance; in terms of special forcestraining of double joint, it should explore the training methods which are similar tothe swinging technique of sprint in order that the muscle contraction is closer to therequests of special action.
Keywords/Search Tags:during the course of sprint, swinging technique, surfaceelectromyography, the characteristics of muscle force, special strength
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