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Historical Reform And Contemporary Construction Of Rural Social Security In New China

Posted on:2018-05-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1316330515976571Subject:History of development of Marxism
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Social security is an important part of our country’s social construction,and it is also an important content of public safety in our country.In the whole security system,the rural social order occupies an important position,which fundamentally determines the good and bad effect of the whole society.The loss of rural social order or a direct impact on the effectiveness of the entire law and order,there is no rural social security there is no integrity of the integrity of the system.Do a good job in rural social order is an urgent and long-term task,absolutely can not relax,this work and the whole legal work,and economic construction are closely linked.Therefore,the Chinese Communist Party has always attached importance to the construction of rural social order.In the period of revolution,liberation and construction of various historical periods,the construction of social security in rural areas has made great achievements,for the prosperity and order of rural society,for the implementation of the party in rural areas to provide an important safety and security.This study focuses on the historical picture of the change of social security in rural areas of China,and makes a historical review and analysis of the practice process of rural social order in China.On this basis,it makes an objective evaluation of the achievements and present situation of rural social order.And put forward policy suggestions on the current path of rural social order.The first part is the introduction.To explain the basic knowledge of this study,focusing on the background of the study,the meaning and value of the topic,the theory of traceability,research ideas and methods and possible innovation and so on.These basic contents provide theoretical support for the smooth progress of this study.The second part is an overview of rural social order.From the basic concept as the entry point,combing the basic core of rural social security and extension,define the object and category of this article,clear the nature of rural social order,role,characteristics and other basic theory and basic knowledge.The third part is the mass construction of rural social security during the planned economy.This paper analyzes the historical background and objective conditions,existing problems and challenges of the construction of rural social order in the planned economy period,and combs the three paths from the counter-revolutionary movement and the control,transformation and defense of the rural economy.This paper analyzes the development of rural social order and summarizes the basic experience of rural social order construction.The fourth part is the comprehensive management of rural social security in the early stage of reform and opening up.The rural social order construction in this period is divided into two stages: the restoration and management of rural social security after the end of the Cultural Revolution and the comprehensive management of rural social security in the 1990 s.It focuses on the problems and challenges of rural social order construction in each stage and Responding to initiatives.At the same time,the author points out the experience of comprehensive management of rural social security in the early stage of reform and opening up,which is based on the practice of rural public security,attaching importance to grassroots public security construction and playing the role of science and technology in rural public security construction.The fifth part is the construction of rural social security prevention and control system since the new century.Based on the perspective of rural social transformation,from the rural criminal cases continued to rise,the relative concentration of contradictions and disputes,feudal superstition and other social ugly activities began to rise,the rural social security supply and other areas of the blind area of four aspects of the new century since the rural social security situation.On the basis of this,the rural social security conflicts brought about by the rural transformation are complicated,and the migrant workers have broken down the rural social order,the profound influence of the economic and cultural differences and the significant lack of rural social security ability.The Reasons for the Deterioration of Social Security.Based on the above contents,this paper analyzes the countermeasures of rural social security prevention and control system construction since the new century.The sixth part is the policy suggestion of improving the social security of rural areas in China.Improve and improve the rural social order from the top design and system as a whole to promote the dimension,the need from the internal environment and external environment to improve the two dimensions,the need for government,society and farmers three main effective cooperation,precision force,Consciousness,philosophy,system,rule of law,system,supervision,mechanism and other dimensions to improve and improve.
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