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Study On Song Ci From The Perspective Of City Space

Posted on:2018-04-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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From the proposition that Ci is a kind of entertainment literature which grew up in the city,the most urgent problem is to find out the relationship between Ci and the city.In this proposition,the first problem we must solve is the concept of the city.Should the city just be looked as a de facto physical existence,or should it be looked as a kind of space which can give consideration to both material and spirit?That's the basis of the perspective of city space in this paper.From the view of city space,human has been nurtured and feed back by the city space while they were structuring and reforming their own colonies.This phenomenon has an effect not only on human beings,but also on the human civilization achievements such as culture and literature which grow up in the city space.From this viewpoint,it's a new way to observe Song Ci's rules of operation and evolution,and to find out the similar yet diversified precise features which are shown in the reality and literature.The city space is divided into physical space,spiritual space and perception space,it not only takes care of the physical reality in the city space but also attaches importance to the spirit connotation in the city space,and also notices the perception results that are jointed by the aforementioned two.It is a classification which is on the premise of the consideration of the human's own power.Similarly,there are three self-contained spaces existed in each space.Layers down,and ultimately,we can get the most detailed and completed construction and composition set-up of the city space.In this pattern,where is the position of Song Ci?How does Song Ci generate relations with the connotation of the city space in ever hierarchy?And how do Song Ci and the city space nourish each other and grow together in the process of two-way interaction?In short,from the perspective of city space,to watch the feature that Song Ci shows and to inquire about the generic causes of sundry relationships in Song Ci,it is a new attempt to solve the proposition that Ci is a kind of city literature.In fact,the division of the connotations of the so-called three spaces is not completely clear.Its consideration standard is about the contents which are mainly shown in the space.Because of the fact that the spiritual power and the transformation achievements of mankind are through all the three spaces,then the interaction between spaces and between spaces and Ci could be possible.First of all,in the contents about the physical space of city,to show the material reality of the city in Song Ci was not the main purpose,but the appearance of the city physical space that appears as the background of the emotional expression has helped a lot to show the prosperous and flourishing in the connotation of the physical space at that time.The Song Dynasty was militarily weak,but its economic development could not be ignored.The prosperous material reality of the city space not only provided more writing material for Song Ci,but also stimulated the poet's creation desire to a certain extent.In Song Ci,the contents about the public entertainment space,the commercial space,the public playing space and the streets,roads,lanes and so on which linked the material landscape in the city were clearly demonstrated.These were the material elements of Ci's living environment,and had inseparable relationship with the survival and development of Ci.In addition,the content about the royal space is anther branch.In the city pattern that the ruling class was the center in the feudal society,there is a certain significance to understand the life of the ruling class,ordinary literati and common people in the city space at that time from the top down.Under the impact of the material reality of the city space,something has changed inside Song Ci,especially the innovation of the artistic expression technique and the reform of Ci's form have been ready for showing the development appearance of the city space better in Song Ci stylistically.Because of the appearance of the city physical space showed in Song Ci was highly similar to the real city space,these descriptions can be used as reference material for the research of Social Culturology,and it has high reference value.Secondly,the contents of the human's spirit world is the main part of the connotation of the city spiritual space,so the boundaries of the material city could be gone beyond and the conditional extension could be also come into being.Compared with the traditional themes about the amour between men and women,this part which is closer to the contents of Poem expressing ideal can be said to be the later.After the literati joined into the creation camp of Ci,poetic themes has gradually entered the written range of Ci,and the feelings including political expression,moral and ethical norms and philosophic thinking etc.have become the written theme.This is not in the traditional scope of Ci.In the expression about the political space,contents of patriotism,imperial examination and official career,political attitude and a part of the conditional extension were more prominent.The political events that struggled with the northern minority regime has been through all the Song Dynasty,especially Jingkang Calamity and the move of Song Dynasty to the south had pushed the patriotism to the climax.These contents showed in Song Ci were particularly valuable.In addition,the ideal of family,country and the world from Confucianism and the gradual maturity of imperial examination system had given the literati a special experience of going to take an examination,and the political experience and attitude after they entered political stratum were all the important parts of the connotation of political space.Besides,ethics is very important in the survival rules of city space.As an important part of the living environment of Ci,it had a quite large effect on the creation of Ci.Especially in the two aspects of the debate of elegance and vulgarity in Song Ci and the characters of Ci and personality,there were also some special performance.The thinking about some philosophical problems in the spirit world of literati,such as the profound and complex contents about neo-confucianism and religion and the philosophy primitive problems about time,life and self,had also affected the creation of Ci.In a way,the showing of the connotation of city spiritual space in Song Ci is the main area of Ci's being elegance.It is another expression of the spirit world of literati except poems.Thirdly,as the combination product of the physical reality and the power of the human spirit,the perception space had given the city fresh vitality while it was showing the life contrail of people in the city.In many literary styles,including Song Ci,there are a lot of excellent works which has reflected this part.The connotation had been presented as a variety of different forms.Customs,geisha and the aesthetics are the important contents.Customs is an important part of folk space.It is also one of the foundations of the existence and development of Song Ci.Both the living habits and the festival customs had all provided rich material and developing opportunities for the writing of the real life in Song Ci.The geisha,as the participant of creating,performing,communicating,appreciating and reforming in Song Ci's rules of operation,their status is self-evident.And the reason why the geisha and the literati who were belongs to different classes associated with each other is the problem worthy of attention.Moreover,as a kind of literary style,Song Ci,especially the relevant contents about aesthetic,has involved the cognition of material world with people's spirit power.the And because of this,the features of city perception space appeared strongly.The contents above have a typical two-way trait of combining material with spirit,so they are more suitable for expressing in Song Ci which belongs to the city perception space itself.Finally,as a comprehensive existence which contains both physical reality and spiritual connotation,the city space has an ability of two-way interaction with the lower hierarchy with the participation of human.This ability shows the interaction not only between the city space and Song Ci but also between the connotation of each city space.This phenomenon is related to the participation of human beings after all.Especially the consciousness of identification by the creation subject and the choice when facing the reality of city space,they finally decided the path and results that Song Ci accepted the influence from city space and feedback to the connotation of city space.To scrutinize Song Ci from the perspective of city space,to attach importance to the power of human strength,to reveal the true face of Song Ci as a kind of entertainment literature in city and the operating rules and the evolving contrail under the influence of city space,those are the ultimate purpose of this paper.
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