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The Third Space:study On The Communication Practice Of City Cultural Space

Posted on:2019-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The space is a kind of media.It is as same as the traditional media,has the function of transmitting information to the public.Xi'an art ignorant cultural space as a kind of space media,it through a variety of communication practice,constantly transfer information to people.At the same time,the image of space in communication practice is constructing and shaping.This paper is from the communication perspective,combined with the third space theory,analyzing the medium of Xi'an communication practice ignorance in the cultural space.Exploring the physical space to play a media role in the moment and how to construct and how to construct the cultural space,in order to activate the initiative of cultural consumer behavior.This paper is divided into five chapters: the first chapter is the introduction,briefly introduces the research background,research status,significance of research and the methods of research.The second chapter is the concept and theoretical explanation,defines the main concepts in this paper.The third chapter is use participant observation and random interviews research methods through field research,analysis from the three aspects of communication practice places.Finding the construct space form like reading space,communication space and consumption space and rich in knowledge of ignorance of the physical space.Expanding the scope of the physical space go outdoors and online.The fourth chapter explores the knowledge dissemination practice of ignorance in the virtual space.When I the sort of data,I found that In Xi'an city this e type of ignorance is different from other cultural space.Because the mass media did not participate in the imagination of space.In this space,the publicity is in the We Chat to shape the spatial image and imagination.Therefore,I using the qualitative analysis software Nvivo11 Which can do video and pictures of the text content to analysis the space publicity texts selected.Finally summed up by a variety of self promotion knowledge ignorance construction of space imagination.The fifth chapter is on the basis of the former two chapters,through the analysis of the conflict and fusion in internal space,getting the result of the Xi'an arts and culture media space as the space of ignorance has Sawyer described in the "third space" features,and fusion in space in the practice of the various contradictions and conflicts of tolerance is the key,the space for survival and development at the same time,it is also a source of power and city development in the cultural and economic aspects.
Keywords/Search Tags:city culture space, space media, Xi'an ignorance of cultural space, the third space
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