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Immersive Virtual Reality Interactive Art Design Research

Posted on:2020-11-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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This thesis focuses on the study of immersive virtual reality interactive art design,and then mixes it into key words.From the development source,the thesis discusses how virtual reality works and how virtual reality interaction characteristics are formed by the overlapping of media,art and design.Through the discussion of related issues,this thesis analyses the way in which interactive experience of immersive virtual reality works.When somatosensory natural interactions are more convenient than keyboard,mouse and screen interactions,interaction-centered virtual reality provides people with a new way of perceiving the world,and presents more possibilities for artwork design.The discussion of design is undoubtedly urgent and valuable under this circumstance,since questions about its interaction design,the influence of the design upon human beings,and the development it will brought about require precise answers.The main body of the article is divided into three parts:The first part studies the concept and characteristics of virtual reality art.The concept of virtual reality art is developed from the fusion of different concepts and techniques of the East and the West.The workings of virtual reality art is analyzed in the first part from the perspectives of the relationship between technology and art,the transcending of the real space-time structure,and the change in audiences,position in virtual reality art work.The second part analyzes the concept of immersive virtual reality interaction,and brings the natural and supernatural characteristics of virtual reality interaction through the fusion of interaction habits developed in different periods.The technical background of analyzing virtual reality interaction brings support for the expression of works,as well as restrictions.From continuation of tradition to different types of virtual reality interactions with their own characteristics,a new relationship between the architect and the world is constructed.The third part analyzes the immersive virtual reality interaction design from the perspective of art design,combs the concept and content of design,analyzes the elements of virtual reality interactive art design,formulates design principles and evaluation criteria,and discusses the conceptual principle of virtual reality interactive art design.A good understanding of the characteristics of the medium of immersive virtual reality interaction can help us to use this medium better as a tool to create art and to produce high-quality experience by achieving the goal of natural interactive perception and communication.This study combines the power of technology,artistic thinking and methods of design in order to pave the way for further development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Reality, Immersive Interaction, VR interactive art design, Remixing, Experience
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