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Research On Spatial Immersive Experience In Multimedia Art Exhibition

Posted on:2021-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Based on the research of immersive experience in multimedia art performance,this paper expounds the combination of art and technology in today's multimedia art performance,which has changed the traditional way of viewing works.Through virtual technology,interactive technology and other technological means,the audience can perceive works with a new viewing mechanism.This paper describes the dialogue between the works and the audience based on the multimedia performance case works,and expounds that the immersive viewing experience breaks the inherent time and space between the works and the audience,and creates a new virtual space based on the real space.And guide the independent interaction between the audience and the works,fully mobilize the sensory experience of the audience,so that the audience can get a new immersive feeling.At the same time,this paper discusses the perception psychology of the audience from the perspective of the audience,and blurs the boundary between the audience and the works through the high integration of the senses.The article is divided into four chapters.The first chapter is the description of the form and characteristics of multimedia art performance.The second chapter discusses the technical expression language of multimedia immersive performance,and combs the embodiment of virtual reality technology and interactive technology in multimedia performance.The last chapter is about the relationship between watching and performance in immersive multimedia performance.It expounds the perception experience of the audience and the identity change of the audience in the multimedia performance,fully reflecting the real feeling brought by immersive multimedia performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual reality, Interactive, Immersive experience, Multimedia performance
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