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Design And Research For Virtual Reality Sandplay Therapy Based On HTC VIVE

Posted on:2017-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of virtual reality technology, the demand of virtual reality technology becomes more and more intense in the field of psychology. Sandplay Therapy is a kind of psychological treatment way through the sand, sand model, sandbox. The virtual reality technology and the combination of Sandplay Therapy can create a new form of Sandplay Therapy. This kind of mode Sandplay Therapy is an innovation and expand the traditional.HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Sandplay Therapy to traditional Sandplay Therapy theory based, combined with the characteristics of the virtual reality technology immersion, interactivity and conception of the imagenation of sence. From the perspective of technology, psychology and application promotion, of virtual reality mental sandbox game rules of the game, the scene construction theory and game modes, and user experience analysis.As the foundation to build a framework for the development of the virtual reality mental sandbox game system using the HTC vive virtual reality equipment and the unity game development engine. Design of unconscious principles guide interface, of sand mold for 3D modeling based on, the construction of immersed in HTC vive virtual reality helmet space. In the design of human computer interaction, based on the Lighthouse optical tracking technology, in the Unity to achieve the interaction between people and the scene, and the use of Network View Unity components to achieve network system. Based on the above content, based on the theory of Sandplay Therapy, the use of the system design process.Virtual reality Sandplay Therapy game system user experience analysis from two point of the psychological Sandplay Therapy using usability point of view and the system effectiveness of point. The availability of methods using the professional psychological consultation system to evaluate the sandbox knowledge of virtual reality mental sandbox game, The combination of network orientation questionnaire to collect questionnaire data, usability testing, virtual reality psychological sandplay therapy. Participants were invited to participate in the field experience, and then fill out the questionnaire, to test the use of ease of use of the system.In conclusion, the design purpose of this paper is combined the theory of virtual reality technology and psychology of Sandplay and attempts to create a new mental sandbox game mode, explore new ways in the digital media environment for psychological therapy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Reality Sandplay Therapy, human-computer interaction, Immersive sence, The model of user experience
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