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Research And Application Of Cross-cultural Adaptation Mechanism From The Perspective Of Positive Psychology

Posted on:2018-12-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1367330515996074Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Cross-cultural adaption is a kind of social and cultural adaptation that occurs after the individual enters the culture of the host country from the culture of the home country,manifesting the change of the external behavior and the improvement of the inner psychological condition.The traditional cross-cultural adaptation study regards cross-cultural behavior as a risk factor that will negatively affect the individual.The previous "cultural shock" theory,the cross-cultural adaptation curve theory and the acculturation strategy theory,all mainly focus on the negative consequences of adaptation and how to eliminate it.However,with the introduction of positive psychology,cross-cultural adaptation research in recent years has focused more on the positive aspects of adaptation.Based on the paradigm shift of this research,this study pays more attention to positive factors in cross-cultural adaptation and positive cross-cultural adaptation itself,and hopes to find out what's the impact of positive cross-cultural adaptation,as well as positive cross-cultural adaptation Develop mechanism.In order to explore the impacts of positive intercultural adaptation,the study I explores the standards,motivations and manifestations of positive cross-cultural adaptation through a qualitative study to positive cross-cultural adapter.After obtaining the research materials through qualitative interviews and participatory observation,I also analyzed the research materials by grounded theory.The results show that the main symbol of positive intercultural adaptation is "passion" for cross-cultural practice,which is characterized by strong achievement motivation,strong toughness,high degree of immersion,and strong purpose.For some individuals,the driving force of cross-cultural comes from "young but rootless",that is,for the needs of cultural self integration;for some individuals,the driving force of cross-cultural comes from the "God" blessing ",that is the need of inner spirit.Positive cross-cultural adaptation is reflected in three aspects:first,a high degree of self-confidence,that is,a high self-efficacy about cross-cultural learning;second,the promotion of social justice,which can make a significant and social contribution;the last,becoming a "New" person,that is,the formation of multicultural self.By examining the relevant theories,the study I concludes that positive cross-cultural adaptation can not be fully explained by existing theories,and that the calling towards cross-cultural behavior can be considered as the key factor in the formation of positive adaptive capacity.In order to understand the formation mechanism of cross-cultural adaptability in a more in-depth understanding,based on the conclusion of study ?,study ? used calling as a variable in the research,explores the role of calling in the process of cross-cultural adaptability.In addition,study ? also used the four-dimensional cultural intelligence as a variable,in order to describe the process of formation and development of cross-cultural adaptation.In the questionnaire survey of this study,the social support and cultural distance in the questionnaire served as positive and negative factors separately in the process of cross-cultural adaptation.Cross-cultural social and cultural adaptation and psychological adaptation were present as cross-cultural adaptation results.The four-dimensional cultural intelligence and the calling towards cross-cultural learning exist as mediating variables.After a questionnaire survey of foreign students from four universities in Beijing and Wuhan and the statistical analysis of the data,this study draws a cross-cultural positive adaptation theory model based on calling:the calling of cross-cultural behavior and the four-dimensional cultural intelligence is the intermediary between the cultural distance and the level of intercultural adaptation.The calling mediates the negative influence of the cultural distance,and mediates the relationship between cultural distance and social and cultural adaptation in the metacognitive,motivational and behavioral dimensions of cultural intelligence.The conclusions of Study I and Study II have enriched the original cross-cultural adaptation theory and added a new knowledge of understanding of cross-cultural adaptation from a positive perspective.This study also has a strong application value to the management of scholarships to foreign students,and also to the cross-cultural adaptation training curriculum design.
Keywords/Search Tags:positive cross-cultural adaptation, calling, cultural distance, social support, social and cultural adaptation, psychological adaptation
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