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Reasearch On Relationship Conflict Risk Perception And Contigent Decision-making Of Enterprises

Posted on:2019-02-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With the expansion of network scale and the deepening of network interaction,there are more and more friction and divergence among enterprises,which makes the relationship network become a "conflict set" that contains many inducements such as friction and dissatisfaction.The outbreak of the relationship conflict will cause the violent turbulence of the network,which leads to the "lockout" of the originally thriving network,and even falls apart in a short time.At present,research on the relationship network are mostly based on the the static perspective,focus on the positive impact of the network's characteristic on enterprises' corporate behavior and performance,ignoring the negative effects of relationship conflict and inherent mechanism of network evolution,which is impossible to accurately explain the strange phenomenon of "preference reversal" in the process of interorganizational cooperation.The network evolution is the result of the interaction between the individual actors' changing intention and behavior from the microscopic perspective,and the dynamic value judgment and behavior choice of the enterprise in the relationship conflict situation should be paid more attention.This paper,taking the enterprise network growth as the background,discussed the relationship between relationship conflict risk perception,value trade-off and behavioral decision making of the enterprise,aiming at revealing the decision-making process of enterprises in the situation of relationship conflict and explaining the puzzle of " preference reversal"on the level of network actor.Based on the above problems,according to the research idea of "relationship conflict risk perception-relationship contingent value judgment-relationship behavior Choice",the paper proceeded as follows:First,the paper taked the mismatch theory of the core elements of relationship capital as the theoretical basis,constructed the concept model of the relationship conflict risk perception of enterprises by using the risk tree analysis and developed the measurement instrument,then carried on the data collection and the factor analysis.Then,based on the real option theory,this paper analyzed the real option characteristics of the enterprise's relationship capital investment,discussed the structure of the relationship capital value under the real option orientation,established the calculation model of the relational capital value,and deduced four basic relationship modes based on the value-risk tradeoff.Finally,according to the logic of "relationship conflict risk perception-contingent relationship value-relationship behavior choice",the paper constructed the conceptual model and proposed research hypothesis,modified the questionnaire by small sample investigation and reliability and validity test to get the final questionnaire.After the large-scale investigation,this paper conducted emprical analysis and discussed the result.The findings are as follows:First,this research found that relationship conflict risk perception of enterprises includes six facets:Resource loss risk,cognitive imbalance risk,structure change risk.regulation failure risk,conflict escalation risk and conflict proli feration risk.Second,the process of enterprise's network growth is essentially the investment process of relationship capital,which fits the feature of real option,and the value of the relationship can be evaluated by b-s continuous model and two-fork tree model.Thirdly,the value of relationship capital and the risk of relationship conflict is the two core factors that determine the behavior of enterprise.According to the trade-off between the value of relationship capital and the risk of relationship conflict,this paper deduced four basic types of relationship:discrete transaction relationship,deteriorating relationship,strategic growth relationship and cross evolving relationship.Fourth,enterprises adopt a second-stage contingent decision-making mechanism in conflict situation.The ambidexterity of the interfirm relationship determines the decision-making logic of enterprises in conflict situatuation is neither the profit-oriented market logic,nor the pure emotional logic,which is the mixed logic of morality and interest,and the decision-making model is not a simple stimulus-response model but the extended second-stage decision that considered the endogenous factors of the relationship and the network externality.Fifth,the relationship conflict is a contingency factor affecting relationship value.The relationship conflict is the representative of the network environment,which reflected the behavior orientation of the network members about the relationship conflict,and will significantly influence the estimation and judgment of the Enterprise about network development,which proves that the judgment of the relationship value is closely related to the conflict level within the network.Sixth,the relationship pressure reflects the unique cultural background and social environment of China,and is the key factor that influences the behavioral logic of enterprises.On the one hand,the relationship pressure increases the externality and uncertainty of the exit behavior,which constituted relationship exit barrier on the network level and became the intrinsic stability mechanism of the interfirm relationship,and is the innate endowment and institutional advantage of the Chinese enterprises to realize network growth.On the other hand,the exogenous uncertainty caused by the relationship pressure and the endogenous risk of the relationship conflict form a hedge,which makes the enterprise behave more "forbear" and"moderate" in conflict situation,and determines the characteristics of the"polarization" in the conflict response behavior of the enterprises.This paper integrated the contingent relationship value and relationship pressure into the framework of enterprise's conflict response behavior,and analyzed influence mechanism of contingent relationship value and relationship pressure on enterprise's conflict response behavior.The innovative points and theoretical contribution of the study are mainly reflected as follows(1)the exploratory analysis of relationship conflict risk perceiption enriched the research perspective on the relationship conflict;(2)the concept of the contingent relationship value expanded the theoretical connotation of the relationship value under the background of network growth;(3)introduced the contingent relationship value as an intermediary variable,which improved the theoretical framework of relationship response behavior decision;(4)introduced the relationship pressure into the theoretical framework of response behavior,and expanding the applicable boundary of the relationship response behavior theory under the Chinese social background.
Keywords/Search Tags:relationship conflict, risk perception, relationship behavior, contingent decision-making, relationship pressure
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