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Research On The Conflict Repair Of SMEs In The Process Of Network Growth

Posted on:2019-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330575972162Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Network relationship is the foundation of SMEs survival and development.The characteristics of SMEs include:a single structure,resource scarcity,obstruction of information communication and small size.In order to share resources,exchange information,learn from each other,promote abilities and exploit synergies,SMEs establish complex network partnership and realize the network development road.However,in the process of network development,there are always contradictions and divergences because of different interests,goals and cultures.Finally,conflicts arise.According to Conflict Theory,on the one hand,conflicts lead to anger and resentment,destroy the stability of the network relationship.On the other hand,conflicts can stimulate innovation,inspire vitality and optimize network environment.So it is important to deal with and repair network conflicts relationship after the occurrence of conflicts,not to avoid conflicts.We should realize that the process of enterprise network growth is the process of handling and repairing the conflict relationship.The paper focuses on how conflict repair methods affect relationship recovery through perceptual mechanism.Firstly,the paper makes review of relevant literature and theories of network growth,conflict repair methods,perception mechanism and relationship recovery.Secondly,the paper discusses the relationship among conflict repair methods,perceptual mechanism and relationship recovery,propose research hypothesis and establish the theoretical model.The independent variable is the repair methods,the dependent variable is relationship recovery,and the mediating variable is the perceptual mechanism.Secondly,designing of questionnaires.I contact with the EMBA students of colleges and universities of Beijing,Tianjin,Hebei,from which I selected senior managers of small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei as the research object.502 questionnaires ware distributed and 316 questionnaires ware validated.Thirdly,the paper testes the validity of data by SPSS 22,and analyzes the relationship among variables by AMOS 17,so as to to verify whether the hypothesis is valid.Finally,the conclusions are as follows:(1)Verbal responses and substantive responses have significant positive impact on relationship recovery.What's more,the repair effect of substantive responses is more significant.(2)Verbal responses have significant positive impact on perceived repentance,and have no significant positive impact on perceived prevention.Substantive responses have significant positive impact on perceived repentance and perceived prevention.(3)Perceived repentance and perceived prevention have significant positive impact on relationship recovery,and perceived prevention has no significant impact on perceived repentance.(4)The perception mechanism plays a mediate function role between the conflict repair methods and the relationship recovery.Therefore,conflict repair methods impact on relationship recovery by affecting the perception of the injured party.In order to repair the conflict,SMEs should not only pay attention to the conflict repair methods,but also to the perception of the damaged party.
Keywords/Search Tags:Conflict, Conflict Repair Methods, Relationship Recovery, Perception Mechanism
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