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Synthesis And Study Of Water-soluble Fluorescent Probe For Metal Ions Based On BODIPY Dye

Posted on:2012-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Chemical molecular fluorescent probes play an important role in the detection of metal ions in life sciences, environmental science, and clinical research. The property of the dye molecules directly affect the basis performance of molecular probe detection. BODIPY dyes are among the most useful fluorophores as a platform for fluorescent probes. BODIPY has strong ultraviolet absorption, high molar extinction coefficient and high quantum efficiencies, shows strong and sharp fluorescence peaks in the visible light region, and they are little influenced by environmental factors, such as solvent polarity and pH and quite stable in physical environment. These type of dyes also can be used for chemosensors in biological cells for the proteins and DNA markers or metal ion detection.In this thesis, we have designed and synthesized two molecular fluorescent probes for metal ions base on BODIPY:IMIDZ-BODIPY and BODIPY-Cyclen. IMIDZ-BODIPY has not good water-solublity. In acetonitrile and water solvent system, it can identify copper ions and mercury ions and this molecule probe can be presented favorable concentration gradient fluorescence response to the two metal ions. The color change could be observed in copper and mercury ion comparison with other metal ions. All samples containing various other metal ions exhibited a very distinguished color change after being exposed to copper ions and mercury. Addition of mercury ion turned crimson and then turn to colorless. Upon titration with increase various amounts of copper ions and mercury respectively, the emission intensity was gradually quenched. Further modification of this molecular probe with water-soluble groups may access to be a class of good fluorescent probes which have potential application in cell systems.BODIPY-Cyclen molecular fluorescent probe showed excellent water-solubility. In water solvent system, it was very sensitive to the existence of copper ions. The fluorescent probe can be complexed with metal Cu2+ in the ratio 1:1, then fluorescence was quenched and the colored solvent completely changed to colorless transparent liquid. This probe has high ion selectivity. This fluorescent probe will be a good copper ion detection probe under the physical environment condition for its water-solublility.
Keywords/Search Tags:BODIPY, fluorescent probe, water solubility, copper, mercury
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