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The Measurement Of Content Of Cr~(6+) And Cr~(3+) In The Electrochromiuming Solution By Double-Waveleanth Photometric Method

Posted on:2005-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360125969595Subject:Materials engineering
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In this thesis, through comparing the several methods on the measurement of content of chromium in the electrochromiuming solution, using the colour of Cr6+ and Cr3+ itself , the measurement waveleanth and reference waveleanth were studied in measuring each content by double-waveleanth photometric method. This technology according to the reality, measuring conditions including acidity, interfering ions and the linear range, and measuring method is given. When measuring Cr6*, eliminating interference of Cr3+ is using the equal absorption of Cr3+ in the measurement waveleanth of Cr6+. When measuring Cr3+, it is on the contrary. To avoid the measurement error because of the unstability of developer, this technology determine the measurement waveleanth and reference waveleanth, the right acidity and the range of consistency of Cr6* and Cr3+ in the condition of different mediator, and putting forward their measurement methods. The interference of Cu2+, Ni2+ and Fe3+ when measuring the chromium, this thesis put forward different mediator, and test accuracy and degree of precision of the method through the recovery rate experiment. Theexperimental results show that this technology overcome various kinds abuse of the formerly measuring content of chromium in the electrochromiuming solutions because of its merit of accuracy, simple, and high-speed. Its accuracy and degree of precision exceed the conventional analysis methods, and have high practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Double-waveleanth photometric method, Eletrochromium, Chromic ion, Plating solution analysis
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