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Preparation Of Thermo-chromic Coatings And Study On The Law Of Temperature Variation

Posted on:2019-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2371330545969557Subject:Applied Chemistry
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Electric power system has been widely used in various fields.With the rapid development of the economy,the number of electrical equipment is also increasing.Many factors have brought great inconvenience to the maintenance of power equipment.Currently,the infrared diagnostic technique is the most accurate detection method,but it also has the defects such as expensive equipment,strict adaptation requirements and high quality requirements for staff.Usually,electrical equipment will have a thermal effect when the device fails and the thermochromic coating will sense the temperature change of the device and make a color change response.The method of using the thermochromic coating to assist the maintenance has been gradually favored by people for reducing the expensive cost of the overhaul.The staff can determine the location of fault through the change of thermochromic coating and save a lot of material resources.In this paper,the low-temperature thermochromic coatings were prepared using electronically-lost-type organic color-changing material,and the high-temperature thermochromic coating was prepared using a redox-type inorganic color-changing material.The specific study is as follows:In order to meet the use demand of different warning temperature ranges,three kinds of thermochromic powder with different discoloration ranges were carefully selected and combined with the structural characteristics of thermochromic powder,following six coatings were prepared by using superior acrylic resin and organic silicone resin.They are acrylic TCR,TCY,TCB thermochromic coating(ATCR,ATCY,ATCB),the organic silicone TCR,TCY,TCB thermochromic coating(STCR,STCY,STCB).The discoloration temperature and time of discoloration were studied.Results show that the coating has good discoloration performance.Meanwhile,the RGB values of coating color were measured and the corresponding color values were obtained.The relationship between coating color and real-time temperature of coating was further studied and a mathematical model with high correlation coefficient was established.A new method for temperature identification is proposed to help people understand the temperature changes over the application objects easier and faster by observing the change of coating.In addition,a series of continuous polychromatic thermochromic coating were prepared according to the different proportion of the quality of the three kinds of thermochromic powder,and the result showed that the color change was very good,which could realize a variety of changes,and the temperature monitoring range of the thermochromic coating was expanded.Due to the fact that organic heat-sensitive materials are easily decomposed at high temperatures,high temperature thermal compounds were preparation by using potassium bichromate,lead nitrate,nickel sulfate and alumina.The proportion of each component in the compound was optimized by orthogonal experiment,and the influence degree of each factor on the change temperature was explored.The heat silicone resin and the best matching compound were selected for the preparation of high temperature thermo-chromic coating,a model between the color change of high thermochromic coating and temperature was also established.Based on the relationship between color change of the thermochromic coating and temperature,a non-contact temperature measurement method was proposed.The staff can calculate the real-time temperature of thermochromic coating by obtaining and analyzing the color photo of the thermochromic coating.In addition,in order to simplify the tedious steps of the staff's calculation of temperature,we can create a multi-functional instrument that focuses on photo collection,analysis,and calculation to help workers obtain the temperature of the device more quickly and easily in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Acrylic coating, Organic silicon coating, Low temperature thermo-chromic, High temperature thermo-chromic, Color change performance, Mathematical model
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