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Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy Of Energy Management System For Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Posted on:2012-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132330338492525Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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Hybrid electric vehicles combine engine drive and motor drive into the same car, which not only have the characteristic of energy saving for electric vehicle but also inherit the advantage of long driving range for custom car. Energy management strategy is the major part of the hybrid electric vehicle. A good energy management strategy can distribute the total energy rationally between the motor and the engine, ultimately, improving the economy and reducing the emissions while satisfing the dynamic performance.In this paper, the research object is the energy management system(EMS) for parallel hybrid electric vehicle. Firstly, we established the mathematical model of major components for PHEV, including the battery model, motor model, engine model and vehicle dynamics model, then created the simulation model for PHEV in Matlab / Simulink.Secondly, we designed the fuzzy control strategy of EMS which assumed the state of charge and the total demanded torque as the input variables while assumed the required output torque of engine as output variable. We had a simulation for the designed fuzzy control strategy in Advisor. Through simulation results, the fuzzy control strategy is shown to give the better fuel economy and the vehicle efficiency than the electric auxiliary control strategy for the CYC-UDDS road cycling.Then, on the basis of the fuzzy control strategy, we proposed the double-fuzzy control strategy which consider of driving and braking conditions. We designed braking fuzzy controller to determine the ratio of the motor braking force and the friction braking force. We had the simulation for double-fuzzy control strategy in Advisor software and compared the simulation results with the fuzzy logic control strategy.Ultimately, optimize the transmission parameters (engine power, motor power, the number of batteries, the maximum of the SOC and the minimum of the SOC ) of the automobile using Matlab Optimization Toolbox and Visual DOC separately. Based on double-fuzzy control strategy, we have a simulation in Advisor. The results show that the harmful gas has been reduced significantly after the parameters optimization for the CYC-UDDS road cycling.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hybrid electric vehicle, Energy management strategy, Fuzzy control, Regenerative braking, Parameter optimization
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