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Study On Parameter Marching And Control Strategy For Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Posted on:2012-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2212330338969729Subject:Vehicle Engineering
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With the continuous development of human civilization, the world's growing energy consumption, followed by environmental pollution and increased CO2 in the air, affecting human living environment. Meanwhile, the global car ownership is also rising rapidly. Increase in car ownership will lead to excessive consumption of oil resources, increasing environmental pollution. Hybrid electric vehicles has the property of energy conservation and environmental protection, will become one of the future direction of the car.This article is based on the parallel hybrid electric vehicle development project of a automobile research Institute, according to the characteristics of parallel hybrid electric vehicle, analysis to determine the parameter matching of vehicle technology program, power system, vehicle control strategy, and optimization.From the use of the environment, performance requirements, technical requirements, costs, maintenance cost and the use, developmental and other aspects, the parallel hybrid electric car is the more appropriate vehicle development program. With a reasonably accurate simulation model conducive to the development of vehicle dynamic systems. Powertrain selection scheme based on a blend of design, comprehensive application of optimization theory and through a series of simulation, model selection and parameter matching complete HEV powertrain.After the configuration of the hybrid car parts is determined, in a detailed analysis of parallel hybrid electric vehicle system structure and work patterns, on the basis of proposed vehicle control strategy for parallel hybrid electric vehicle, determines the flow of energy and its distribution between internal combustion engines, electric motors and batteries.Build whole car simulation model, by performance on a number of conditions and the simulation of the powertrain control strategy to optimize the parameters continuously, and finally determine the parameters to meet the requirements of the powertrain and energy management strategy to meet the emission standards finalized both good power and fuel economy of the vehicle matching program, and further simulation results show the characteristics for each component and vehicle operating conditions, control strategy to achieve the energy in the engine, motor, battery between the rational and efficient allocation; can the motor, the engine starts and stops, the braking energy feedback, and to ensure that SOC has remained the best in the region; vehicle driving range to meet the requirements of a good vehicle to meet the design requirements.Braking energy recovery is a hybrid vehicle compared to conventional fuel vehicles is one great source of energy-saving advantages. Finally, how to coordinate the control of the friction braking and regenerative braking distribution ratio of allocation on the premise of ensuring the braking stability, recovery of braking energy as much as possible to improve the energy efficiency of the vehicle, and also take the regenerative ADVISOR control strategy module for secondary development.
Keywords/Search Tags:hybrid electric vehicle, parameter optimization, regenerative braking, energy management strategy
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