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Research On Electric Power Scheduling Network Management System Based On J2EE

Posted on:2008-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360245992879Subject:Power system and its automation
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Technologies on computer, communication and information have beendeveloping at a fast speed in recent years, electric power scheduling data network isalso developing rapidly. At the same time, scheduling production control is highlydepend on electric power scheduling network and system, it will has a strong impacton scheduling production normally once there are some exception of network deviceor application service system of scheduling network. Confronting the network whichhas high demand and is complex, it will be very important to adopt a effectivenetwork management policy to ensure the operation of electric power schedulingnetworkeffectivelyandreliable.Soitdemandstodevelopaelectricpowerschedulingnetwork management system which is conform to scheduling production demand andhas characters of high efficiency, advanced and uniform, this system could utilizeintelligent means and modern communication technology to monitor the network andsystemandalarmonexceptions.This paper made a study of simple network management protocol(SNMP),analyzed the management information base and message construct of SNMP indetail,introducedthenetworkmanagementmodelbasedonSNMP.Aftertheresearchof J2EE technology framework deeply, prompted a distributed network managementsystem model based on J2EE. Against the characters of an electric power schedulingsystem, prompted the demands of network element management and networkmanagement performance of electric power scheduling network management system,extracted the demands of each business system to network management. Directtowards the demands of electric power scheduling network management system,designed the software architecture, and prompted a four layer data model, and made astudyof information model for data abstract layer, and divided the system to differentsub module according to function of business module, described the function of eachmodule and the relationship of them. Electric power schedulingnetwork managementsystembasedonJ2EEhascharactersofdistributionandcrossplatform,italsopossessverystrongportabilityandexpansibility.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric power scheduling system, J2EE technology, distributed network management, informationmodel
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