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Design And Study On Home-furnace Of Biomass Briquette Fuel

Posted on:2007-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L HouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2143360182982081Subject:Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering
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With the development of our National economy, great changes have taken place in the structure of life using energy in country. On the one hand the straw consumption reduces, the coal and the liquid gas amount used increase, but its price keeps rising. On the other hand, although some straw could be used as feed or fertilizer, there are still massive surplus straw leaving unused. In some areas farmers are required to take straw to assigned location in harvest season, but finally straw has to be burnt because piles of straw take much field. It is an effective way to solve this problem by uniting biomass with energy using in different way in countrysideThis topic takes biomass briquette as fuel of home-furnace. In this paper comprehensive burning characteristic of biomass briquette is studied, flowing with original research. Based on industry stove design standard and feature of original stove, home-furnace of biomass briquette is designed successfully. And then experiment on furnace is done and conclusion and proposal are given based on the result. The main content and research results are as followed:(1) The burning pattern of biomass briquette is that firstly the volatile matter burns and next fixed carbon burns. Density is the most remarkable influence factor on ignition performance; more smaller density of fuel more easily lighted up. When furnace is not on work, the inflammation feature is similar to smoldering. Temperatures of ash melting point have small difference between different raw material.(2) Following furnace design procedure, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, chamber, chimney and so on come out by fuel burning computation and referred material. Results on what mentioned ahead, the special-purpose furnace and furnace accessories are fixed out.(3) Referring to GB6412-86 "the coal used in Family and furnace accessories testing method", the features of furnace and fuel are got by unifying furnace accessories and characteristics of used fuel. Fuel bums completely in designed furnace and has no slagging phenomenon. But the produced flame is more difficult to control which causes higher temperature and discharged fume loss.(4) Comparing the performance test result with the index to the furnace...
Keywords/Search Tags:Energy used in village life, Biomass briquette fuel, Combustion characteristic, Furnace accessories design, Experiment on furnace performance
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