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Study In Cauliflower Germplasm Using Morphological Markers And RAPD Markers

Posted on:2008-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2143360215467972Subject:Vegetable science
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61 cultivars of cauliflower were selected in this study, 18 morphological traitsof them were estimated .Genetic relationship of 37 varieties were evaluated by RAPDanalysis. The consistency of genetic diversity among the varieties was discussedaccording in order to establish the foundation for soybean breeding and geneticimprovement. The main results were summarized as follows:1.The variation of 18 morphological characters in 61 cultivars was analyzed inorder to know: Because characters are different from 61 cultivars significantly, theaverage of variation factor is 64.44%.There are 10 quality characters and 8 quantitativecharacters among 18 characters. Among quality characters, the largest one is thewaxiness variation of 40.74%,the minimum one is the leaf variation of 10.15%;amongquantitative characters, the max leaf length variation is the largest of 265.38%,andthe corolla height variation is the minimum of 12.66% .2.The cluster analysis of the genetic distance of agronomic characters showedthat the cluster analysis could reflect geographical distribution of the cauliflower insome degree. The result explained geographical elements can affect varieties greatly.But the genetic distance of few materials from different regions was very similar,which might have a relation with similar natural environment and closely artificialchoice of the materials.3.The optimum RAPD to evaluate genetic diversity reaction system was obtained,which can be used in soybean germplasm.This research use 25μl Response system:20 ng DNA, 0.4μmol·L-1 random primer, 0.2 mmol·L-1 dNTP ,2.0 UTaqpolymerase(2,5U/ ul), 1.5 mmol.L-1 MgCl2 and 2.5μl 10×PCR buffer. Thetemperature profile used for PCR was 94℃for 5min,followed by 40 cycles of 94℃for 1min,38℃for 1 min,72℃for 2 min,and was terminated with a 10 min DNAextension step at 72℃.4.The optimum RAPD to evaluate genetic diversity reaction system was obtained,which can be used in soybean germplasm. RAPD that the cluster results could notbetter reflect the character analysis showed of geographical.5.Compared with the result of Morphological Character and RAPD markers:the correlation coefficient of coefficient of similarity for two markers is 0.0342.(nosignificance). Polymorphism detected by RAPD was the variation of DNA, but thephenotypic was the result of genetic, environmental and GE interactional effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:cauliflower, morphological characters, RAPD, relationship, cluster analysis, genetic diversity
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