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Primary Stage Of Socialism-round Development Of Human

Posted on:2011-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155330332467193Subject:Marxism in China
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The all-round development of Marxist theories is not only essential requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics and is key to reform. As China's social transition into the accelerated process of reform and opening up, the rapid development of socialist modernization, to improve people's living standards and enhance the people's spiritual and cultural needs. Then the period of social transformation for the realization of the objectives of social development, the central link in there? This is very clear that Deng Xiaoping: the key to socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics in the people, the key lies in the cultivation of talent and education, is to promote the comprehensive development. Age era of personality is given meaning, the connotation of the times and the era of personality development is interactive. Therefore, comprehensive human development and socio-economic, political, cultural and social interaction thesis reform of view, in the initial stage of socialism in this particular national conditions, promote the comprehensive development of key importance to the Marxist classics thinking, the essence of Marxist theory to guide the comprehensive development. Based on this, the paper seeks to explore the socialist transition period the comprehensive development. Economic, political, cultural and social reform-round development of man's space and the full range of development stage to demonstrate your ability; the same time, the comprehensive development of man put forward new requirement that the acceleration of the reform process with the increase of social reform to adapt to capability to fully enhance their development. Promote their own freedom and comprehensive development. It was a relationship to social development and progress, but also related to the person's own sound and well-being issues. In short, the social transition of the social reform is the core of socialist modernization, and its fundamental mission is to promote the comprehensive development. Therefore, in the transition period of social reform socialist society should promote the comprehensive development of critical thinking, to grasp the nature of social reform, comprehensive, systematic and profound analysis of the comprehensive development of the objective laws.
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