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Socialist Market Economy And The Reconstruction Of Ethics

Posted on:2002-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360032451061Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Ethics keeps internal relations with economy. Each economic formation has suitable ethics to maintain and regulate its development. To develop market economy, we can neglect the foundation of ethics. Today ethics system doesn adapt the needs of economic development. So we must reconstruct ethics and morals. The basic reason of current odd ethics is the social transformation. From the history of the social transformation at home and abroad, we can see: With the traditional ethics broken and new ethics not built, the phenomenon of the loss of ethics existed universally. Just for this reason, the transformation period is the period of morals reconstruction. To reconstruct ethics, First, we should analyze the merits and demerits of the traditional ethics, strong and weak points of connotation of market economy ethics, popularity and advantage of elementary socialist period ethics. Then we can know what to give up, keep, take and develop. The ethics being reconstructed mainly deals with seven aspects as follows: fair socialist principle, collects principle, social humanitarianism principle, equitable importance between righteousness and benefits principle, harmony and moderation principle, competition and cooperation principle, social ethics principle. The target of ethics reconstruction is to set up an ethics system that is suitable to market economy mechanism, institution construction, education and public opinion construction are the necessary facts for ethics reconstruction. They influence each other and form a dynamic method system of ethics construction. Facing the new circumstance of market globalization and our joining WTO, Our country ethics construction confronts new challenge. How to reconstruct socialist market economy ethics to fit new circumstance becomes a current important strategic task.
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