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The Construction Of Administrative Ethics Under The Condition Of The Socialist Market Economy

Posted on:2005-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the emergence of state and administrative management,Administrative ethics emerged ,while the market economy was constructed under the formation of the system of production in capitalism.During the free competition of the development of capitalism,administrative ethics was an auxiliary way of improving government's efficiency ,and not become a focus on the research of this theory.With the development of the market economy and the emergence of state's monopoly Capitialism,governments often adopted the policy of interfering economy and took part directly in the activity of economy and then made more problems exposed in public domain.At that time,administrative ethics become an important point on the research of publics of democracy ,the value of political system and the equality of society ,especially the method of the research of administrative ethics.As above,the papers points out that administrative ethics has become an objective necessity of the development of market economy ,which expresses one of the marxism's fundmental theorys,that is to say ,economy decides politics and the latter reacts the former conversely.It is essential to develop new administrative ethics adapted with the latest system of our social development on the path to market economy from planned economy of our country.The papers points out that the characteristic of socialist market economy owned uniquely effects on the renovation and development of administrative ethics,which mainly include: firstly,providing eminent material basis for administrative ethics ;secondly,renovating the ideas of the official ethics;thirdly,strengthing official self-consciousness.Meanwhile,administrative ethics has its important positive action to the socialist market economy and mainly include:firstly,guaranteeing the construction of the socialist market economy;secondly,the contradictory between ethics and law is a warranty of the development of the socialist market economy;thirdly,administrative ethics creates good environments for the development of the market economy.Under the condition of socialist market economy,administrative ethics inherits its orthodox and expresses special feathers of the reality which includes politics,demonstration and compulsion.If these traits can not have their social effects in practice,it will make a consequence of the scarcity of administrative ethics .That is to say,as a kind of force of the refraint in ethics,the administrative ethics has lost its role of the norm and controlment.These scarcity have been found in many aspects.For instance,firstly,the consciousness of serving for the public and the ability of the administrative management have been weaken;secondly, as public power merchandised and the trade between power and money widely spread,which make relative public power serving for the benefits of the private and the local;thirdly,egoism widespread and then decrease the credit of the administration and officials in the people's hearts,and then affects the stability of our country.The reason of the scarcity of the administrative ethics is extremely complicate and mainly includes:firstly,the scarcity of the system of the supervision during the exchange from the planned economy to the market economy;secondly,the result of the conflict between two moral cultures connected with the system of the planned economy and market economy;thirdly,the effects of the decayed moral thoughts of the exploiting class.Under the condition of socialist market economy,the key aspects of constructing administrative ethics include mainly as followed contents:First of all,the basic principles of the construction of administrative ethics are the principle of the privilege of public interests,justice,the combination of exterior discipline and interior discipline and the annexation of responsibility and religion;Secondly ,the contents of construction of the administrative ethics are austerity and honesty,administration in terms of law,renovating bravely and creation ,consideration in the long run and solidity ;Thirdly,the way and m...
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