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Market Economy Ethic And The Socialist Market Economy

Posted on:2004-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360092490129Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Along with the establishment and development of market economy at our country, the internal relation of market economy and ethic , and the moral construction of socialist market economy become hot point problems what people concerned and researched. Through the historical exploration about market economy ethic, this article tries to announce the interacting relation of market economy and ethic , and clarify the innate character about market economy ethic and its function of value from the view of economy ethic , which are founded on the reasonable think. Then they can be used to provide definite theoretical source and practical basis for the ethical spiritual construction of socialist market economy. In order to discuss the issue, this article is divided into three chaptersIn Chapter 1,I trace back the historical origin of creation and development about market economy ethic by way of combination of history and theory. Firstly, the ethical creation in market economy is an objective historical process, and this process is decided by the definite productive method and economic relation. Therefore, ethical creation in market economy is an inevitable outcome in course of the development of market economy. Market economy ethic reflects deeply the people's economic relations in marketable intercourse and becomes an objective request that market moves orderly. The next in order, this chapter investigate ethical development process in market economy from two clues including east and west, then on this foundation a number of reasonable enlightens should be got (1) The benefit is the ethical foundation. (2) The human becomes a main body of unity between " economic human" and " moral human". (3) Market economy ethic is not only humanist spirit which support the economic growth, but also internal motivity that human carry through self-perfection. (4)The capitalist market economy ethic use for reference to the development of socialist market economy.In Chapter 2,I discuss with the ethical innate character of market economy andits function of value from philosophic angle and hominine growth angle. Firstly, themeaning of market economy ethic is put forward: market economy ethic is ethicalidea, ethical principle and criterion, which are formed on the basis of practical activityin market economy and regulate the people's market behavior. Thus its innatecharacter is a special way that hominine "practice-spirit" hold the market economy. Ianalyse the innate character emphatically: (1) As a sort of hominine practical spirit,market economy ethic comes from the practical activity of market economy, thus itmust adapt to the development condition of market economy. (2) As a sort ofhominine spiritual practice, market economy ethic expresses the people'sdissatisfaction with existent market and aspiration to ideal market, thus it is a kind oftranscendence to market economy. (3) As "practice-spirit", market economy ethic isalso a kind of motile spirit of main body, as a result it can carry out the conversion ofmarket economy from "reality" to "ideality". The next in order, this chapter clarify thecharacteristics what market economy ethic possessed comparing with other ethic fromthree aspects of "homologous" existent stipulation with market economy, restriction tothe behavior of figuring for benefits and direct regulation to main body of marketeconomy. Finally, I research the function of value about market economy ethic: it hasthe utilitarian value to the development of market economy, also the destination valueto the people's self-perfection and growth.Chapter 3 is the realistic part of this article, and also the part in which this article has breakthrough and creative ideas. In this chapter, the problem of ethical spirit about the socialist market economy is brought forward. On the basis of reasonable analysis about that the " ethical two-sides characteristics" of market economy bring out positive influence and negative influence on the socialist economy...
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