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Research On The Ethics Of "Economic Man" Hypothesis

Posted on:2004-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360122470217Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Economic man" hypothesis is the theory premise and the basic analytic tool of western economics. From the hypothesis of"economic man" , all the western economics mansion is based on it, in other words, if there is no "economic man" hypothesis, there is no the western market economy theory and the modern market system. While, as the basic hypothesis of "economic man" , it is not only a kind of analytic tool of western economics, " economic man" hypothesis contains plentiful ethical and moral meaning. In the perspective of classical economist Adam Smith, he assumes that the basic motive power of personal act is to pursue the maximizing of self-interests, and he hold that man's economic activity is the act of pursuing the maximizing of interest rationally, at the same time, under effect of "the invisible hand", a person in pursuit of self-interests will increase the social interest. While, on the Smith's hypothesis, it is put in an ethical dilemma in theory and in practice. In this article I reflect Adam Smith theory's ethical dilemma from the ethical angle, analyze the "moral hazard"'s display and hazard of "economic man", revel" economic man " behavior's moral reason. With the gradual establishment of the socialist economy system, the hypothesis of"economic man" also becomes the socialist market economy's humanity hypothesis. However, the socialist market economy is different from the capitalist market economy, the socialist market economy relates the socialism system. So, under the socialist market economy, it put the different moral demands for "economic man", we should strengthen system construction and morality construction in order to standardize " economic man" behavior, then achieve"economic man" and "moral man" 's unity.
Keywords/Search Tags:economic man", self-interest, rationality, the socialist market economy, "the invisible hand", ethics
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